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Kingwin XT-1264 Review



Looking at the XT-1264 I would have to say I am impressed with what Kingwin has offered up. It holds pretty close to the TRUE and even tied it in the idle stock test. Ultimately, it lost its ground in the remaining tests, with the greatest difference between it and the one fanned TRUE being 8C. i7 is a tough cookie when it comes to cooling and even the TRUE doesn't hold that well to it like it did with the Core2s, but even so, for the price, this heatsink delivers. I had figured that the computer might fail when the XT-1264 took it up into 80C territory but I was surprised when I found that it managed to keep from that for at least an hour. Moreover, I am curious that were the surface of this was completely smooth like that of the TRUE, would it be better able to stand up to it? For the purposes of this review however, I cannot modify the heatsink so I don't know the possible outcome of this. I was also amazed to see that the fan equipped on the XT-1264 was very close in specification to that of the Scythe Kaze Jyuni used on the TRUE. The only other thing that disappoints me a little bit is the fact that there is no ability to clip another fan onto the XT-1264, so you will have to use zip-ties if you want another fan on it. All things said though, with a price point of around $35 depending on where you order it , this isn't too far from the TRUE in price or performance, so the XT-1264 makes a good budget cooler.



  • Lightweight
  • Good price
  • Good cooling performance
  • Easy to install
  • Not as bulky as similar coolers



  • Gaps on heatsink base
  • No capability for second fan


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