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Kingwin XT-1264 Review


Closer Look:

This heatsink is a little different than most ones that use 120mm fans in the fact that you can see the copper heatpipes on the bottom. It would appear that Kingwin is trying to get it so that the heatpipes come into direct contact with the CPU, which could actually improve heat dissipation since there is no other source of metal between the CPU and heatsink that would require more time for heat transfer. Apart from the heatpipes being copper, the rest of the heatsink is purely aluminum. Additionally, this heatsink only comes packaged with one fan and it would appear that it is not capable of using additional clips to secure another one to it, so one would have to resort to zipties for a push/pull configuration.












If you look closely at the base of the heatsink you will notice something not so good. The surface of the base of the heatsink contains ridges between the heatpipes and the aluminum portions of the contact surface. This can create areas where pockets of heat stay and where heat does not dissipate at a constant rate, which means increased temps. Nothing that a good lapping couldn't fix; however, for the purposes of this review, I take it as is. I wonder how well it will it will perform with this problem.


From my experience with heatsinks of this type, installation can sometimes prove challenging, though this one seems smaller in comparison to most of them. In fact, I can't even fit my TRUE in vertically due to a 120mm blowhole fan being in its path, but this heatsink just manages to fit in. On the flip side, I can't fit the XT-1264 in horizontally because the cooler is too short to fit over top of the PWM heatsink on the left side of my motherboard.


Now that it's all together, let's move on to testing.


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  3. Specifications and Features
  4. Testing (Setup)
  5. Conclusion
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