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Kingwin XT-1264 Review

Price: $35.00


As you know, with the recent introduction of the Core i7, CPU overclocking and cooling is a little tougher with the increased heat this CPU delivers. Even the more popular heatsinks such as the ThermalRight Ultra Extreme Series and Noctua NH12-P even have trouble cooling this beast. In any case, with overclocking a stock heatsink doesn't cut it. Of course, any old aftermarket heatsink won't do. Something with copper heatpipes is a must and even more important than that is a decent fan to deliver cool air to the fins of the heatsink.

Enter Kingwin with its 1366 solution, the XT-1264. Like the TRUE and Noctua NH12-P, this heatsink utilizes a 120mm fan to deliver air through the cooler. Not only does this heatsink offer socket 1366 capabilities but it also fits socket 775 as well as AMD sockets AM2, 754, 939, 940. A great feature to be found with this heatsink is four dual copper heatpipes that visibly make direct contact with the processor. We shall see how this stacks up to the current competition on the market later in this review.

Closer Look:

The outside of the packaging lists the potiential applications as well as stating that this heatsink is 1366/Core i7 ready. The back of the packaging is host to a table filled to the brim with product specifications as well. Nothing much else is to be found here, though it seems the box is limited to applications and specifications.








The inside of the packaging tells a whole other story with two separate bagged sets of adapters, one for 775 and the other for 1366 and of course, the heatsink. Apart from the heatsink and adapters there is a manual packed into one of the bags as well as a packet of thermal compound. While the box itself and its contents seem rather simple, it still manages to deliver what is necessary.



Now that the Kingwin XT-1264 is unpacked, let's take a closer look before we put it to the test.


  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (continued)
  3. Specifications and Features
  4. Testing (Setup)
  5. Conclusion
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