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Kingwin 120mm Fan Review



The Kingwin 120mm fans, being identical in every way except for color, were put to the test together. I replaced the upper 200mm fan, with the two 120mm fans, as anyone replacing the fan might do. Using OCCT’s Power Supply Test, I loaded down my hardware for a solid 30 minute run to see how much more heat these fans could remove (both were mounted in exhaust) in comparison. HW Monitor was used to record the idle and load temperatures for the CPU, motherboard, HDDs, and GPU.

With it being the winter months and running a low gas bill, the ambient room temperature was 19 degrees Celsius, giving both the stock fan and Kingwin fans the same benefit in cooling. Since the room temperature remained the same for testing, the results show an accurate telling of which fans did a better job cooling. The temperature results from this testing procedure are shown below.


Testing Setup:


Comparison Fan:

  • 200mm stock top Corsair 600T fan in exhaust






The results of the 120mm Kingwin fans were rather impressive. The 200mm stock fan is a rather loud fan to begin with, especially for its size and a common replacement for many 200mm+ fans are 2 120mm fans, so the comparison was well worth a write up. First, I want to talk a little bit about mounting the fans, as they are very different from ordinary fansusing screws. The rubber nubs pull through the typical fan holes. I found this a little challenging with the 600T top spaces as they already have rubber grommets for screws to sit in. It was a little awkward getting the nubs through, but once I did the fans weren’t going anywhere. However, the nubs in general were a little hard to line up and install in such an awkward place, so I almost wish I had the option for screws.

Now as far as temperatures go, as that is your main concern in even bothering with changing fans, the Kingwin fans performed well. The temperatures for both the motherboard and CPU were decreased by a degree or two, even the GPU saw some benefit from the change. However, with the hard drives being so far down, there was no effect on them. So I know what you are thinking, a degree or two isn’t really worth buying two fans and changing them out. But, this is where the second most important factor comes into play, that these fans are quiet. To me, this is almost more important than the cooling itself. Personally, I cannot stand a screaming fan in my case and no matter how well they move air, I will not have Vantec Tornadoes in my build, due to my preference of noise level. Overall the swap increased cooling and decreased noise, both major positives in any change.

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