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HyperX Savage 128GB Flash Drive Review


HyperX Savage 128GB Flash Drive Conclusion:

After running the HyperX Savage USB 3.1 drive through the test suite, it's hard not to like this drive. The quote on Kingston's web site is a performance rating of up to 350MB/s read and 250MB/s write. In a couple of tests, it surely got there covering both ends of the rating. However, in some tests it struggled to reach the rated 250MB/s write rating. Overall though, this has to be the highest performing flash drive I have tested to date. In the file transfer test, the Savage delivered a 28% performance boost over the comparison drive. The higher throughput in the sequential testing allows for quicker transfer times that save time when you are on the go. With ever increasing file sizes, the need for greater NAND capacity in a smaller package creates some performance problems that the HyperX Savage addresses. The 128GB capacity of this drive would allow me to transfer the entire contents of my work laptop to a single flash drive. Pretty amazing when you think about it.

Capacity is only one part of the equation here, as you can find 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB drives all day long. What makes the HyperX Savage an attractive buy is the robust build and high speed data throughput it delivers. Coincidentally, it is offered in capacities of 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB to cover the largest user base. A user base that includes Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome operating system users, as well as console gamers using the latest from Sony and Microsoft (Editor's Note: Don't forget the NVIDIA Android TV as well!). Kingston's HyperX Savage USB 3.1 drive is a great-looking, robust device that should hang around for the long term. With that expectation, Kingston offers a five-year warranty just in case something goes wrong with the device.



  • High speed
  • Capacity
  • Looks
  • USB 3.1 
  • Backwards compatibility
  • Multiple size offerings
  • 5-year warranty



  • Underperforms its rated speeds in some tests
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