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HyperX Savage 128GB Flash Drive Review

Price: $131

HyperX Savage 128GB Flash Drive Introduction:

Over the years, the small thumb drive has evolved as much as or more than any other component you can use to store and transport data. As the USB specification is updated to improve data transfer speeds, the flash NAND market has kept pace, delivering devices that take advantage of the latest specifications. The drive I am looking at today is part of Kingston's HyperX Savage line-up. This robust series of flash drives is available in capacities of 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB; delivering read/write speeds of up to 350MB/s and 250MB/s, respectively, depending on the capacity.

Pricing starts at $73 for the 64GB variant of the Savage line, with the 128GB drive I am looking at carrying a $131 price point at Kingston's web store. For your money, you get a drive that comes with a five-year warranty. If you are like me, that will be more than enough since I lose or break flash drives with alarming regularity. Kingston equips the HyperX Savage drives to work across multiple platforms, including gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Let's take a look at this device and see if it lives up to the performance expectations.

HyperX Savage 128GB Flash Drive Closer Look:

The HyperX Savage 128GB USB 3.1 drive comes in a standard blister pack that is heat sealed around the edges to discourage those looking to try it out for free. The front view gives the user a quick view of this robust looking drive. The front panel lists the model name, along with showing that this is part of the HyperX Savage line. At the top right is the capacity and the rated read/write specification. With data throughput rates of 350MB/s read and 250MB/s write, you get an external device delivering performance of some older Solid State drives. Built to work with USB 3.1 Gen 1, the Savage is backwards compatible with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports. On the back side of the package are some basic specifications in multiple languages and a table that shows the HyperX Savage can be used with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista, Mac, Linux, and Chrome operating systems. Inside the blister pack, you get the HyperX Savage drive, a lanyard to attach the drive to a key chain, and the sales sheet.



When you pick up the HyperX Savage drive, the first thing that grabs you is that there is some heft to the drive; most likely due to the red X around the center of the drive. This metal X, along with the soft touch material on the back end of the drive, allows for a secure grip when inserting or removing the drive from a port. Visually, this drive stands out from the crowd thanks to the black and red color scheme. On the top side of the drive, the HyperX logo is on the red X, while the capacity and activity light are toward the back end of the drive. A loop at the back end allows the drive to be connected directly to a key chain or the included lanyard. A Type A USB 3.1 interface is used to ensure backwards compatibility with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 systems. Access to the interface comes via a removable cover.




Kingston's HyperX Savage 128GB USB 3.1 flash drive is a great-looking, robust-feeling device. But looks can only get you so far in this life (just ask Ronda Rousey); you need to have the performance to back up the image. Let's see if Kingston's HyperX Savage has what it takes to truly deliver the goods.

  1. HyperX Savage 128GB Flash Drive: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. HyperX Savage 128GB Flash Drive: Specifications & Features
  3. HyperX Savage 128GB Flash Drive Testing: Setup & Results
  4. HyperX Savage 128GB Flash Drive: Conclusion
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