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Kingston SSD NOW V Series 128GB Review


Closer Look:

The Kingston SSDNow V series drives from Kingston sit squarely in the mainstream price and performance points. The V series drives come in sizes from 30GB up to 128GB and feature read speeds ranging from 180MB/s for the 30GB drive and 200MB/s for the 64 and 128GB drives. Write speeds range from 50MB/s for the 30GB, 110MB/s for the 64GB, and 160MB/s for the 128GB drive.  MTBF for this drive is 1,000,000 hours or about 114 years of constant use. The 2.5-inch form-factor drive housing is made from aluminum with a textured finish, making it both light weight and durable. The light weight would benefit the notebook user more so than the desktop user. The front of the drive lists the model number - SNV425-S2/128GB, serial number, manufacturer, drive capacity, and the voltage requirements. The rear of the SNV425-S2/128GB is devoid of any information. The drive housing has threaded holes on both the side and bottom to facilitate multiple mounting methods.


















The 2.5-inch form-factor drive connects to the system via a SATA interface, for both the power and data connections. One thing that is missing is a 2-pin jumper used by some drive manufacturers for firmware updating. The rear of the drive is barren with no connectivity.



Opening up the drive will void the warranty just so you know, but to eliminate the need for you to open up a drive we can see what's in it. Each side of the PCB is populated with 8-8GB NAND modules to give the rated 128GB capacity. One side holds just the NAND modules, while the other side additionally has the 64MB cache buffer and drive controller. The drive controller looks to have a large bit of thermal interface material to keep the controller cool by using the drive casing as the heatsink.  The casing also limits movement in the drive housing.



The SNV425-S2/128GB drive comes equipped with a total of 128GB of Toshiba's 43nm MLC NAND modules. These modules carry part number TH58NVG6D2ETA20. Each module is 8GB in size. The 64MB of cache buffer is supplied by Winbond and is rated to run at 667Mhz 5-5-5, using 1.8 volts. The controller is labeled Toshiba and is a joint effort between Jmicron and Toshiba with the result being the JMF 618.



Kingston has included a disk that contains a stripped down version of Acronis True Image, which will allow you to easily clone your current drive onto the SNV425-S2/128GB drive. Scrolling through the contents of the disk, you have the installation manual in a multitude of languages, as well as the Acronis files.




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