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Kingston SSD NOW V Series 128GB Review



The end result of the testing is that the SNV425-S2BD-128GB drive delivered some pretty impressive numbers when it came to the read scores. The write scoring was up and down - depending on the test - but putting that in perspective, it is worlds ahead of a traditional spinning disk drive when it comes to performance. The read speeds easily met the 200MB/s read speed rating of the drive, while the write speeds fell short of the 160MB/s. The benchmark numbers just give an idea how the performance should stack up between drives. What really matters is how the drive feels when you are using it. The use of a Jmicron controller initially was a concern, but after using the drive in my HP Mini netbook, the drive met my expectations and more. The drive's performance was fluid and did not suffer any stuttering. This drive is part of a package bundle that includes everything you will need to install it into a desktop system, from the drive rails, to the SATA power adapter and a SATA cable. This is something you do not usually receive with most drives. Additionally, you get version of Acronis True image to clone your existing hard drive and transfer the data to the Kingston V series drive. The drive supports the Trim feature, to keep the read and write speeds at peak levels.

As Solid State Drive technology becomes mainstream, the pricing should start coming down. The adoption of the technology has been slowed by its high cost per GB and smaller drive capacities. Kingston has tackled both problems with the V series SNV425-S2BD-128GB. You get 128 GB of storage capacity, of which you get 119GB for your system files after the reserve capacity is taken out of the equation for wear leveling. With that amount of space, you can easily put the operating system and more than a few programs and games with room left over to spare. You can still use a large mechanical drive for strictly storage purposes to take advantage of the speed of this drive. The pricing on this drive and bundle at the time of this article is $279, with the bare drive going for a mere $259. This price point is well below what you normally see a drive of this size sell for.  This means that you not only get performance but a value for your dollar. The Kingston SNV425-S2BD-128GB Desktop Upgrade kit delivers performance far superior to a standard hard with lower access times, Trim support and it comes equipped with a 3-year warranty - all at an attractive price point, making this drive an excellent entry into the world of SSD technology.



  • Bundle
  • Performance
  • Price
  • Trim Support
  • Low Access times
  • Larger Capacity
  • Silent
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Low Power consumption



  • None


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