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Kingston MobileLite Wireless G3 and Mobile Wireless Pro 64GB Review


Kingston MobileLite Wireless G3 and Pro: Testing Setup

To test the Kingston MobileLite Wireless G3 and Pro I took them with me on my daily travels and when I had to travel around for work or fun. I spent a good, solid two weeks using these devices to transfer all media to and from my tablets and phone, as well as for streaming content while working and moving around to see how it worked.


Testing Setup:

  • Mobile Devices: Apple iPad Air 2, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
  • Wireless Drives: Kingston MobileLite Wireless G3, MobileLite Wireless Pro
  • Storage: Kingston DTSE9 G2 16GB, Sandisk Ultra SDHC 32GB, Wireless Pro 64GB Internal


Kingston MobileLite Wireless G3 and Pro: Testing

Transfer Times:

Since the MobileLite drives only work with mobile devices and not on a PC, there are limitations to checking the speeds. Also, since a proprietary app needs to be used this makes it even harder. I wanted to get an idea of speeds, so what I did for this test was to have two folders, one with 10MB of files and one with 100MB of files, that I set up to transfer to and from each of the MobileLite Wireless drives to my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, which has a very fast built-in flash, and measured the time it took for each transfer to complete. To get an accurate number I ran each test five times. I then threw out the fastest and the slowest times and averaged the remaining three for the result. The results are shown in seconds it took to complete the transfer both to and from the MobileLite Wireless devices and the lower scores are better.



Ease of Use:

The MobileLite Wireless G3 and Pro were very simple to set up and use. You just turn on the device, download the software, connect to the SSID for the unit, and launch the app. Once you launch the application on your mobile device it is very clean and simple to navigate your files, backup your devices, and set up additional features, such as the wireless connection to the Internet and security on the G3 or Pro. The usage was so simple even my eight-year-old son was able to browse and stream media on his iPad with no issues. We were able to successfully connect five devices of a mix of tablets and phones and stream movies at the same time with no lag issues or jittering. It just simply worked.



Traveling with the MobileLite Wireless G3 and Pro was amazing. While not so much an issue on my Android devices that have SD card slots, all of my iDevices are limited to the storage they have. Since some of our tablets are the 16GB iPads, well, you know how that is, so we used the G3 and Pro to store movies to watch when going places. This allowed for an unlimited storage possibility using multiple SD and USB drive combinations. I also tried out using the Pro as a wireless hotspot when I was traveling for work and it was so easy. I plugged in the Ethernet cable to the Pro, it grabbed an IP address from the office, and I connected to my own travel NAS and router as I liked to call it. Very simple and the compactness of the drives made it all the better. I did have to plug in the drives for long time use, but that was not a downer at all.


Battery Life:

Battery life was pretty good. Kingston claims up to 11 hours on the G3 and 12 hours on the Pro. While your mileage may vary, I realistically got around 8-9 hours on the G3 and about 9-10 on the Pro. Now, many factors come into play, such as the wireless signal, climate on the battery, etc. Also, one thing I noticed is that the batteries used seem to not be LSD (Low Self Drain), as letting them sit for a few days and then going back to them the battery level did drop significantly, so make sure you fully charge them before each use. As for the backup emergency battery, they worked like a charm with my Galaxy S7 Edge. I was able to recharge the 3600mAh battery about 1.75 times using the MobileLite Wireless Pro.


Now that the testing is over, we can reach a conclusion.

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