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Kingston MobileLite Wireless G3 and Mobile Wireless Pro 64GB Review


Kingston MobileLite Wireless G3 and Pro: Software

To use the Kingston MobileLite Wireless G3 and Pro, you need to load the software on your device that interacts with it. You also need to connect to the wireless hotspot that the device gives off to make the connection. The MobileLite Wireless units act as a wireless router, meaning to use the device you need to connect to it directly with your tablet or phone. This is what allows you to transfer and stream files fast and efficiently. This method also works well on the go, as normally when you are traveling you are not connected to any other wireless access points and the WiFi is faster than Bluetooth would be. You can pair up several mobile devices to the G3 and Pro, allowing you to stream different content on each. Currently, the MobileLite Wireless devices support iPads from Gen2 and up, iPods Gen 5 and 6, iPhone 4s and above, Kindle Fire and Fire HD version 4.6+, and Android version 4.2 and above. There is a note on Android devices that video support is limited to up to 2GB file sizes. For the software here we are using it on an Apple iPad Air 2, however the apps on Android devices are very similar.


Main Menu:

When you connect to the MobileLite access point and launch the app, you are greeted with the main menu. There are two options for you in the main menu, which are the File Explorer and the Backup/Restore. The File Explorer allows you to browse the files on the device itself, any offline files you transferred from the G3 or Pro to the tablet or phone, and the Camera Roll of your device. The Backup/Restore allows you to backup and restore your camera roll, contacts, and calendar. This is a great feature for not only ensuring that your precious images and contact are kept safe, but if you are moving from one device to another this is a great tool to use to transfer your photos and contacts between them. I used it to transfer my contacts from an Apple iPhone 6 to a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and it was flawless.


File Explorer:

The File Explorer is self explanatory as it is just like any other file explorer. There is a tree that you can use to find folders and files or you can switch to a tile view if preferred, which matches many phones' design. The top of the File Explorer also tells you how much storage space you have left on the selected storage medium, as shown below the Pro using the built-in storage has used 111MB and has 58.2GB remaining. In addition to the directory and file browsing, there is also a built-in image viewer, music player, video player, and "One Key Backup." The music and video player allow you to stream the content from the MobileLite Wireless devices without having to transfer them to your phone or tablet. The One Key backup button, when pressed, does an automatic sync of your gallery to the MobileLite Wireless device.






The Backup and Restore section lets you do just that; you can manually back up and restore your contacts, camera roll, and calendar. To do this, just select what you want to backup or restore, then choose if you want to do the backup or restore a backup done previously and then the location you want. Once it is done; you will have the confirmation shown below.





The settings are nice and simple to figure out. When you enter the settings you have a short menu. The first menu option is where you configure both the internal wireless server and also where you can connect to another WiFi hotspot as a router. You can configure independently the 2.4GHz band SSID and the 5GHz band SSID so that you can tell them apart better. You can also enable security on the SSIDs by pressing the security toggle; keep in mind the same password is used for both SSIDs, however, so you could not use one as a guest network. One thing to also note is I checked the security of the connection with my MAC and I can confirm the security settings are WPA2-Personal, which uses the pre-shared key you create in the settings. Under App Setup, you can view the cache that the application is using on your mobile device. Backup and Restore Setup just lets you enable or disable the options you can back up. Finally, the MLW Information just gives you the info for the unit, such as the software versions and the storage that the device has either internal or via the external USB/SD cards.






Now that we have had a really good look at the MobileLite Wireless G3 and Pro, let's do a bit of testing on them.

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