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Kingston MobileLite Wireless G3 and Mobile Wireless Pro 64GB Review


Kingston MobileLite Wireless Pro 64GB Closer Look:

The MobileLite Wireless Pro version, design and looks-wise, is the exact same as the MobileLite Wireless G3. The specs are all the same minus the battery, weight, and storage, so I won't go too in depth on the similarities, but instead focus on the differences. As far as the design and ports, they are the same with the SD card slot, USB port, and Ethernet port. The Pro version comes in a black color and has the same glossy top that does show fingerprints a lot easier, but honestly it doesn't bother most people. As far as the differences in the models, the Pro weighs in at 194g versus the 192 of the G3, but that is because of the added 64GB flash storage in this model. The flash storage allows you to be up and running in no time without the need for an external SD card or USB drive. The Pro version also has a larger 6,700 mAh battery, giving you a longer run time of up to 12 hours and, of course, if you use it as an emergency charger then you have more power to recharge your devices in a pinch.




The Pro version uses the same charging cables as the G3 and, as mentioned before, most cell phones excluding Apple, so you do not need to have multiple cables. The SD cards also sit flush here and the USB port takes USB 3.0 drives with no issues, as well. The LEDs on the Pro act the same as the G3 with the Internet connection LED, internal wireless LED, and the battery LED.




Now that we have seen both units up close, we can take a look at the software that is used for transferring and streaming files.

  1. Kingston MobileLite Wireless G3 and Wireless Pro 64GB: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Kingston MobileLite Wireless G3: Closer Look
  3. Kingston MobileLite Wireless Pro 64GB: Closer Look
  4. Kingston MobileLite Wireless G3 and Pro: Software
  5. Kingston MobileLite Wireless G3 and Pro: Specifications & Features
  6. Kingston MobileLite Wireless G3 and Pro: Testing
  7. Kingston MobileLite Wireless G3 and Pro: Conclusion
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