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Kingston HyperX Predator KHX28C12T2K2/8X Review

Price: $229

Kingston HyperX Predator 2800MHz Introduction:

Choosing the right set of memory for your system can be either a simple or complex task depending on what you want out of the system once you finally button it up and start installing the games you built the beast to play. Speed bins range from a lowly 1333MHz all the way up to the uber expensive 3100MHz modules. By uber expensive, I'm talking close to $900 for an 8GB kit. In the end, these kits are more for show than go, and come with loose latencys that translate into reduced performance to reach that speed number. Kingston has been in the game with HyperX modules as far back as I have been tinkering (yeah it borders on old man speak) with PCs, and the first set I remember owning was a set of modules I was running on my P4 3.0C and ABIT IC7 Max 3. Before that, it was whatever was cheapest at the local computer show that bounced around every couple months. Times have changed, but the HyperX brand is still around and delivering performance for Kingston.

The Predator line of HyperX modules is offered in speed bins from 1866MHz to 2800MHz in dual- and quad-channel configurations. The HyperX Predator kit we will be looking at today is an 8GB kit rated to run at 2800MHz with latencies of 12-14-14-35 using just 1.65v. Priced around $220, this set is the highest rated kit offered in the Predator line and compares price-wise favorably with other kits in this range. Will the high latencies come with that added cost of lower performance or will the Predator modules chew up the competition? Let's find out.

Kingston HyperX Predator 2800MHz Closer Look:

Packaging for the HyperX Predator line is pretty much standard fare from Kingston, with a clear plastic cover over a black plastic base that holds the modules firmly in place during transit and on your retailer's shelves. A paper tamper seal with the Kingston HyperX logo is wrapped around the packaging to prevent theft or damaging of the product by those searching for the holy grail kit of memory. The part number is on an additional sticker and identifies these modules as a 2800MHz rated 2x4GB kit of Kingston's HyperX memory line-up. Hidden under the memory modules is a warranty and installation guide, along with a cool little case badge to show who you are backing!



The HyperX Predator modules feature a huge heat sink package that measures 2.12 inches high and should easily handle the thermal load from this set of modules, even when cranking some serious voltage through them. Covered in the HyperX signature blue, these modules will easily match many of the blue-themed boards on the market. A large signature X in black covers each side of the Predator heat sink and carries the Predator and HyperX names. A decal on one side shows the basic specifications for this kit. Rated to run at 2800MHz using 1.65v and latencies of 12-14-14-35, this kit features a pair of XMP profiles as well as a JEDEC spec profile. When viewing the profile, I saw both the 2800MHz profile as well as a 2666MHz profile with tighter timings. The Predator heat sink is a thick aluminum design that allows airflow along both axes. The modules are single-sided and most likely Hynix MFR, but we will see soon enough when we look at the performance.




Last up, we get the money shot of the memory to see what you get before it gets shoved into the confines of my test rig. I'm interested in this performance series of memory to see if this set of Predator modules can indeed deliver all the performance the image and lineage projects.

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