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Kingston HyperX H2O PC3 16000 3x2GB Cas 9 Review



The Kingston HyperX line has long been synonymous with overclocking and the enthusiast community. By creating a set of modules to work for a niche market just drives that commitment home. This set of modules is rated to run at latencies of 9-10-9-27 at 2000MHz right out of the box. Not the best latencies, but most of the modules you can find on line for a reasonable price come with a cas latency of 9. Any lower and the cost for the modules goes up exponentially, it seems. Although the latencies are a little loose, they allowed the modules to reach almost 2200MHz with some QPI and vdimm voltage tweaking. This seems to be where the uncore limit is reached (4400MHz) on my core i7 920, so I was not able to push any further. This makes this set of Kingston modules the highest clocking 6GB set I have tested. Step number two in the overclocking adventures was to find out what the tightest latencies I could run at the HyperX H20's rated 2000MHz. After some trial and error, I ended up with timings of 7-9-7-27. Not too bad for a set of cas 9 rated modules at 2000MHz.

Sure, Kingston is not the first to come up a water cooling set, but it has come up with a design that is simple to adopt and offers the lowest chance of a leak by using a straight through design. In other words, no seals to leak or worry about when you are liquid cooling your modules. Integrating this set of modules into your system will require some work on your part. If you are running a cooling loop with 1/4 inch lines, then all you need to do is loop the modules in and be on your merry way. However, with a 3/8 or larger tubing size, you will need to use an adapter to connect to the modules' 1/4 inch tubing size, creating another opportunity for a leak. Much like with any liquid cooling endeavor, leak check before you power up.

The pricing on these modules comes in at just shy of two Benjimans at $197. For cas 9 rated modules on Newegg, this puts the pricing on this set in the upper middle range of the pricing structure. The suggested retail was $235, so it's nice to see these modules come in under that level so they are competitive on price. This set will allow you to reach your overclocking goals while running cool and looking great. These modules offer enough overhead to give you added performance and the ability to decrease the timings. If liquid cooling is in your future, it's worth considering the Kingston HyperX H20 as an addition to your water cooling setup.



  • Innovative design
  • High performance
  • Great looks
  • Overclocking headroom
  • Can run tighter latencies at 2000MHz
  • Pricing



  • Stock latencies


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