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Kingston HyperX FURY 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Review

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Kingston HyperX FURY 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Conclusion:

For the most part, the HyperX FURY did quite a bit better than the specifications quoted. In real life file transfers, writing was rather impressive at nearly four times what it was said it could do, coming in at almost 120MB/s. Reads were seen to be upwards of the 90MB/s as well, so I am not sure why the low rating. I'm sure Kingston has its reasons, but I would have been less likely to have bought the drive having been told it was only capable of 30MB/s write. With the price being a little high per GB, the low listed ratings on the box becomes a deterrent. It seems as if the FURY is being shot in the foot by not claiming what it is capable of, but rather perhaps the bare minimum worst case scenario numbers I've even yet to see (other than in Sandra, which seems to show every drive below its ratings). I honestly would have not bought this drive based on the rated performance and cost. To me it would have been a bit too much for a nice warranty and slow speeds, so I would have bought something else.

Knowing that the speeds are much faster than what you are told, justifies the price and warranty combination; however, that is more of a marketing fail, not product failure. This drive is pretty awesome when you know how it can really perform. Though you might still lose this as often as any other drive, it is nice to know if you do have it around for the full five years, you are covered if there is a problem in the hardware. Unless I somehow received some freak HyperX FURY and it isn't' supposed to be this fast, well then I'll take back my words; but hopefully having read this, you'll be a step wiser knowing what it is truly capable of.



  • In real world use, this drive is fast as hell!
  • Large capacity for on the go.
  • Long warranty.



  • Listed speed ratings for read and write are much slower than actuality.
  • A little high in cost per GB, but warranted by the actual speed of the drive. Catch 22 here.
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