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Kingston HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset Review


HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset Closer Look:

Pulled from the nice packing foam that would make these things show up in one piece from delivery by tornado, the first thing to notice is the ninety degree cup movement. They can rotate completely flat to lay against your chest if they are sitting around your neck or placed on your desk.

I think one of the things I got most excited about was actually the cable itself. The cable connected directly to the headset itself is a little shorter and has a single dual headphone/mic jack. It's perfect if you already have a jack available on your desk and don't want a lot of cable drape. It does come with a splitter to connect to your sound card or front case panel with separate mic and headphone jacks, as well as adding length for reach. But that's not what I love about the cable itself, nope. The cable is my favorite non-tangle material and is darn near impossible to actually get wrapped up. I particularly envy this as my travel headphones are always a jumble in my backpack on the plane – and can't stand untangling them during takeoff. It's also not the noisy tangle-free that you might be familiar with – flopping the cable about while wearing the headset with nothing plugged in does not create the "noise."


The built-in volume control is on the headset itself rather than inline on the cable. Besides the fact that the cable is nearly impossible to actually tangle, it's actually pretty nice to have the volume control a little easier to access and change. It is on the right side ear cup so you just have to reach up with your mouse hand briefly to either turn up the battle or turn down your annoying guild members. It moves pretty smoothly and is enough out of the way, and still accessible, that you can't easily bump it and create unwanted silence, or worse, unwanted screaming.

The ear cups are the HyperX special with memory foam and pleather. They are actually quite comfortable and I can see myself wearing these for hours without discomfort. They are well attached to the headphones themselves and shouldn't be falling off or apart anytime soon. I think that is something I've hated about a lot of headphones in the past. Ear cups never seem to outlast the functionality of the headphones – these just might (at least outlast my last set). They also seem to provide a bit of passive noise cancellation, which is quite nice.



The mic is permanently attached to the headset, which was actually a little bit of a bummer for me. I've come to like the detachable feature such that you can get away with them as "just headphones," too. It does have a lot of flexibility and can be moved up and down in smooth increments to place it in just the right place. It's easy to nudge with a glass out of the way to get a sip to drink while gaming and shove back in place. It seems to have a good mic to pick up about any placement without picking up the entire room. One of the best features of the mic is the quick mute: swivel all the way up and BAM – mute. I've liked this feature in the past and don’t think there will be any hate this time. It's nice to have a quick way to mute without much thought or fumbling.




Adjustability for head size is a key factor for most users. With a variety of "tiny heads" and "big heads" (and I don't mean egos), it's relatively hard to get a set that works well for both. In this case, the headset has a reasonable extension in size; starting out even small enough for me to be happy and then increasing for big head husband to love, too. The extension is also made of steel so it's not going to be the weak point of the headset if you have a head large enough to always be at full extension. While it's not quite the perfect mesh between small and large fit, it is much better for the "small" side than I've dealt with, even in the other players in the Cloud series from HyperX.


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  2. HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset: Closer Look
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