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Kingston HyperX Cloud II Headset Review


Kingston HyperX Cloud II Headset: Testing

I've been using the Kingston HyperX Cloud II (2) since it showed up at my door a few weeks ago and I'm currently using them while I write this review. Before looking into the specs and passing judgment, I used the headphones how I would normally would any headset. Afterwards I intentionally went down the check list to make sure all the features were used. I used the headset for a few gaming sessions on the PlayStation 4 and PC, made a few calls on Skype and talked on Teamspeak. I also watched a LOT of movies/anime episodes, and music while typing, which is very normal for me. I will translate my opinion the best I can; although from personal experience. I am not an audio engineer so it's very possible a few minor things was missed and I have no way to actually test the frequency response. However, I will overall give the best written description of my audio experiences as possible.

Testing Setup:

Kingston HyperX Cloud II Headset: Results

Everyday Use:

On the subject of using this headset everyday, I had a blast using it. That's it...review over, let's call it a day. With all jokes aside, I really do enjoy these headphones. Not only was it comfortable to wear, It was easy to switch applications and platforms without much of a fuss or cable management. This headset was surprising comfortable over a long period of time. Also the ability to plug and play this into any computer (Mac or PC) made it a breeze to setup and use. A good example is my laptop, which has poor on-board audio, not to mention only one speaker underneath the laptop. So when I decided one day to take my laptop to work, I found myself taking the headset along with me. The point of this, is that the Cloud II has more practical use than just for your desktop computer. I'm sure I wouldn't personally put this one walking around town with my IPod, but that just preference.


While I haven't talked about the microphone part in this review much, it is very much a large part of the headset itself. It is not a throw away or tact-on to sell units. The first time I used it was on my PlayStation 4 with a few friends. I joined the Party Chat and after a few words, my friends asked me what I did to my mic. I simply said it's a new headset and they were impressed. Later that week I jumped on Teamspeak, which already has some good audio codecs. The main difference was my friends could no longer hear my fingers tapping keys. Coming from a Blue Yeti microphone, which isn't really meant to for gaming, the Cloud II was a huge improvement in noise cancellation. I can't say much more on the subject. From everyone I talked to while using the headset, I was given the thumb up for voice and once again, noise cancellation. The great thing about it, is you can detach when you aren't using the microphone for a period of time.


For working, I am a someone who puts on headphones and either streams movie or watches a lot of Youtube. I find myself more productive while watching something on a second screen than fully concentrating on one screen. This is where comfortably and audio quality comes into play. I can get distracted easily if I'm messing with the headphones. I'm happy to report, I rarely noticed the Cloud II on my head. The audio coming out of the speakers is good and not distracting. I've found myself jamming to music with these headphones and not even knowing it. The Bass is deep and the audio overall is sharp with high clarity. Of course this aren't going to sound any better than the audio provided, but for CD and MP3 audio you can't really ask for anything more within this price range. When I wanted to talk to someone, I simply plugged in the mic and and off I went. I'm personally not a fan of logo all over products I use, but luckily it's not that much of a flash.


I played games across the PC and PlayStation 4 over the month and had a overall good experience. Because I was a bit unconventional when it comes to gaming, I tend to just not use the mic at all, therefore most of the time I had it removed and went for the audio experience. Playing my usual games of Borderlands 2, Company of Heroes 2, and Diablo 3 sounded great on the Cloud II. The Bass was deep, but not unnecessary so, while the clarity in the voices was distinguishable. It's often hard to describe how audio sounds. These gave enough punch to put you in the moment, but without overwhelming the senses compared to some headsets that believe "loud" is good. That is for the PC. On the PS4, I also had a good experience, but since the volume is normally controlled by the USB adapter, in this case, it's directly controlled by the PS4 and in the controller settings. This means for once in my life I used the in game audio volumes, because It's a pain to go into the system menu for every single game and change the audio as a whole. This doesn't solve the problem, but it's out of Kingstons hands, this just how the system was setup.

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