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Kingston 32GB microSDHC Mobility Kit Review



So, I've established that Kingston's 32GB class 10 microSDHC card is fast, but does that mean you should buy it? Let's look at the price. At approximately $115, this is one of the most expensive microSD cards you can buy. Unfortunately, it isn't deserving of that price in any way. It is a class 10 microSD card, yes, but there are so many more class 10 microSD cards available for less than half of that. The price Kingston is trying to sell this at might make sense were it to transfer at speeds well beyond that of its class rating, like those of SanDisk's Ultra and Extreme series. Not only do the Ultra and Extreme series SD cards perform beyond their class rating, they perform beyond any other currently available SD cards. Kingston's card, on the other hand, only performs as a class 10 card if you round the numbers up, and the included adapters certainly don't add another $70 to the cost.

You have to ask yourself if you need the microSD format. If you don't, then consider an SD card instead, as they're usually a little less expensive than the microSD format to begin with since the flash memory used isn't as dense. If you do need the microSD format, then ask yourself if you need 32GB. If you do, then consider other microSD offerings. Then ask if you need the speed. If you do, again look elsewhere. Other less expensive class 10 microSDHC cards are available. Even if you want to buy from Kingston, there are other, albeit slower, 32GB microSD offerings for far cheaper than this. Especially consider this if you plan to use this card only for external storage. If you want to use it with your phone or any other device you have, it likely will be limited far below its class rating. Kingston's offering gets a bronze award for being one of the few 32GB+ microSD cards on the market and performing well compared to other cards below its class. However, it's simply too expensive to recommend when there are not only other 32GB cards, but also class 10 32GB cards that can be had for much less.


  • Very high capacity microSDHC card
  • Rated at class 10
  • Included adapters ensure ultimate usability



  • Very high price
  • Doesn't quite meet class rating
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  2. Specifications & Features
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  7. Conclusion
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