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Kingston 10th Anniversary HyperX 16GB 2400MHz Review

Price: $214

Kingston 10th Anniversary HyperX 16GB 2400MHz Introduction:

Kingston has been making DRAM modules for computer systems for quite a while. The HyperX lineup is one many of us are familiar with and is one of the first sets of memory that were designed for the enthusiast 10 years ago. That brings us to the fact that the set of memory I am looking at is here to celebrate that 10 year anniversary with a limited edition set of modules. These 10th Anniversary HyperX kits are available in capacities ranging from 4GB to 32GB and speed bins from 1600MHz to 2400MHz to reach the widest user base. Equipped with a low profile stylish silver heat sink using chrome accents, this set of modules is good looking right out of the gate.

As memory controllers have gotten better on processors, the speeds at which they can run the installed system memory are creeping higher and higher, with some kits currently available in the 3100MHz range. Since pricing normally follows the speed bin, these modules will break the bank at $1000 for a 2 x 4GB kit. However, 2400MHz rated kits are quite a bit more wallet friendly! Kingston's latest HyperX kit is a good looking bit of hardware that comes with a lifetime warranty. Let's see what it takes to void it!


Kingston 10th Anniversary HyperX 16GB 2400MHz Closer Look:

The packaging for this 10th Anniversary HyperX Kit from Kingston comes in what looks like a retail box for Kingston's standard value memory. The clue that something is different is first the part number, then the fact you see the silver heat sinks on the modules. The top of the shell pops off once you cut the factory seals on the package to show off the low profile modules. A warranty/installation guide is included with details on the lifetime warranty that Kingston covers these modules with just in case they fail during use. 














This Kingston HyperX set of modules, part number KHX24C11X3K4/16X, is a 16 gigabyte kit consisting of four 4GB modules rated to run at 2400MHz using 1.65v. Timings on this kit are 11-13-13-30, yet it comes with a pair of XMP profiles, one for 2133MHz and one at the rated speed of 2400MHz running 11-14-14-30. Both specify operation at 1.65v. As a special edition kit, Kingston has colored these modules silver with some raised accents that shout out that these modules are to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the HyperX line up. The front side carries the Kingston logo on one side with the warranty and information tag on the right. The back side shows the HyperX logo on the left and the 10th Anniversary logo on the right over a silver background in place of the blue or black we have traditionally seen on the HyperX line. The heat sink is a low profile design that ensures you get the maximum amount of compatibility with cooling solutions, both air and liquid cooled. Something a T1 equipped set of modules could not boast.




Surprisingly these modules are quite good looking with the silver base and chrome accent that sets off the branding. Looks are one thing and performance is another. Let's see what Kingston's latest is going to deliver when compared to its contemporaries.

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