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Just Cause 3 Review



Should we visit Medici and liberate it from General Di Ravello? In my opinion, yes, but of course you have to be interested in explosive action games for Just Cause 3 to be appealing. If you are looking for a sandbox game that lets you cause chaos, this is a good game to look to.

The graphics are good and what you want to find in a modern game, though the performance can be held back by your CPU. The story is not bad, but does have shortcomings with how characters are introduced. The interactions between characters can still be quite entertaining. The gameplay has some quirks, but is still very enjoyable and nothing hurts it enough to really be a problem. It all comes together to be a good game that is a great deal of fun to play.

Does it fully live up to my expectations from Just Cause 2? Not quite and that is mainly for three reasons. The first is the quirk with the missiles needing to be spam-clicked. While I do not hold that quirk against the game on its own, it is enough of a wrinkle to miss the totality of my hope. The second is how some things are locked behind the mods, especially some of the tether enhancements. By the time I had unlocked the mods that gave additional tethers, and importantly stronger tethers, I had already found my groove and felt no desire to change it during fights. Of course now I can go back and replay select military bases and experiment as I wish, without hurting my progression, but having some of that sooner would have been nice. Finally, the planted explosives you have an unlimited supply of take long enough to place that I found their use to be limited, at least during open combat.

None of that is reason enough to avoid the game but is just a commentary on what more I would have liked to see. I am still very happy with what I have seen, and in many ways it completely lives up to my hopes, which is why I am recommending the game.



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