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Just Cause 3 Review

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I want to admit that I have been looking forward to this game practically since I first played Just Cause 2. I found that game to be very fun and have been looking forward to re-entering this sandbox, explosion-simulator world to see what more chaos I can cause. That is a fair amount to live up to, so we will soon see if Just Cause 3 succeeds.

As before, you play as Rico Rodriguez, a man highly skilled at deposing dictators with guns, explosives, a grappling hook attached to his arm, and infinite parachutes. This time though, instead of going to a remote nation, Rico has returned to his homeland of Medici to fight General Di Ravello. The general seized power through manipulation and murder, and now wishes to extend his power by exploiting the material Bavarium. The mineral could be used to power the world, but instead the general is using it to create advanced weapons and defenses to drive his war machine. Only you can stop him.

The game-world of Medici covers some 400 square miles with low plains, high mountains, towns, cities, military outposts, and military bases. There are multiple ways to explore it all, including the new wingsuit that allows for much faster unassisted travel than the parachute. Helicopters can be faster, and can also come with guns or missiles. As you free areas, the local rebellion you are working with will come in to protect the people and rebuild some of what you destroyed. Challenges will also be unlocked as places are liberated, and as you complete them you earn gears that can activate mods to improve your equipment.

Just Cause 3 received an M rating from the ESRB for blood, intense violence, and strong language. It has definitely earned those descriptors, so if such content is inappropriate for you the media in this review likely is as well. Some of the videos are of combat and clearly show the intense violence, including enemy bodies being set on fire by explosives.

Time to get to the actual reviewing and to find out if Just Cause 3 lives up to the hopes I had from its predecessor.




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