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Jackson Armor Card v10.5 Review

Price: $80 USD

Today we will be looking at something a bit different from our usual hardware, the subject being the Jackson Armor Card v10.5. This less known company came up with an original solution to prevent PC downtime from crashes and data loss: the outcome being a tiny PCI card that records changes made to the hard drive, and prevents unwanted actions. It can also be used to back up BIOS settings. Before we get into the product itself, let me introduce you to the company; Jackson Backup specializes in data loss prevention among other things, such as PC repair and secure file management. They have been in the business for over 10 years, and have come up with some rather unique solutions for data backup.

For something so small, it's hard to believe how versatile it can be: its uses can range from public computers, all the way to the home or work environment. The Armor Card stores an image of the user's data, and reverts back to the original state if any changes have been made upon reboot. Since the data protection is hardware-based, it makes it extremely safe and secure, because it doesn't need to depend on software. Imagine getting a virus, or completely deleting something by accident. Normally, this would be a total disaster; with the Jackson Armor card, it would only take a simple reboot to recover the lost data.

Closer Look
Upon arrival, the package came in a standard bubble-wrap type envelope. When I opened it, two things greeted me: a DVD case containing the Armor Card, and some instructions, features and specifications. I was glad to see nothing was damaged during shipping.



When the DVD case was opened, I saw the installation CD as well as the PCI card itself.


  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Installation
  3. Installation contenued
  4. Features & Specifications
  5. Testing
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