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IOGear Kaliber Gaming Saga Surround Sound Gaming Headphones Review


IOGear Kaliber Gaming Saga Surround Sound Gaming Headphones Testing Setup:

For me, it is hard to find a headset that not only performs the best, but is the most comfortable. I have had issues with my ears most of my life and finding headphones that do not hurt has been quite a task. As such, when I test out headphones, comfort is just as important to me as the sound performance. Today we are going to be putting IOGear's Saga Gaming Headphones to the test to see how they fair in several areas, including everyday use such as for work or music, gaming use, and finally comfort and design. I also want to see how the Dolby Pro helps the audio when it counts, such as listening to the tunes when writing those school papers and the after-hours gaming.


Testing Setup:


IOGear Kaliber Gaming Saga Surround Sound Gaming Headphones Results:

Everyday and Work Use:

I have used a number of headsets over the years and sound quality seems pretty consistent in the latest generation of headsets. The Saga is no different when listening to music on my iPhone, and there is a good mix of bass and highs. When the Dolby Pro is switched on, there is a clear difference than with it off; the tones sound a lot crisper, much like the difference between analog radio and HD radio. The bass comes through, but it is not overpowering, which is really nice. In other words, you are not drowned by the thumping.

I also used these several times for audio calls on my phone and over VoIP for work and the sound was perfect. There were no audio issues hearing the other parties and they said I sounded very clear on the mic, which was unexpected considering the mic is a mere pin-hole in the ear piece and not a boom mic. Ambient noise was said to not be an issue when others listened to me.

One thing of note was that there was a pulsing hiss noise I noticed when the headphones were not producing music/sound. I could still hear it, even if I unplugged devices. I thought it might have been noise picked up by the mic, but it was still present when I switched the mic off. You don't hear it when there is sound playing, but when there is nothing, like between songs, you can hear it and it does get a bit annoying. I wish I could have recorded it to illustrated it better.



Gaming performance was the same as music; the sounds were very crisp and clear, especially when the Dolby Pro was switched on. I was able to use the headset with my PS4 and communicate to other parties with no problem. Unfortunately I was unable to test it on my Xbox One, as I do not have the adapter, but I am sure it would perform the same as on my PS4. I was also unable to test the mic on my gaming computer, which I will go into more in the next section on the design. Overall, the gaming was good and I was able to hear everything around me when playing FPS games like I mostly do.


Comfort and Design:

First let me start off with the comfort of the Saga Headphones, as that is very important to me, as I mentioned above. These are very nice to wear. They are not heavy, so there is no strain on my neck when wearing them for extended periods of time. They fit perfect and the padding on the band was very supportive in keeping the headphones in place. The ear cushions were amazing; they had plenty of space for my ears, and while I don't have huge ears, I always have issues with the cushions pressing on my outer ear. The Saga does not do that at all; it cups around them very comfortably. The breathable cushion keeps moisture from building up in the cups when using them and keeps you from sweating around your ears. The sound stays very crisp even with the breathable design.

Now with that out of the way we can come to the design. I really wanted to love these headphones, but there were two issues that held me back. First was the headphone jack. While I love that they used a 3.5mm design so you can use these with most computers, most computers have separate headphone and mic jacks. Indeed, the three PCs I own have them separate, with only my Mac featuring a combined port. This kept me from being able to test the mic while gaming on my PC, as noted above. It would have been nice to have a spitter included or a USB to 3.5mm adapter for use with computers. The second design issue I had was the length of the cable. At only a bit over three feet, you need to have your tower or headphone jack on your desk. If you are like me and place your machines on the floor next to your desk, you will have issues and would likely need an extension cable.


All that being said, let's move on to the conclusion of my Saga Gaming Headphones review.

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