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IOGear Kaliber Gaming Saga Surround Sound Gaming Headphones Review

Price: $99.99

IOGear Kaliber Gaming Saga Surround Sound Gaming Headphones Introduction:

Today we are going to take a look at a newer entry to the gaming headset market. While IOGear has been around for a long time, the company has recently stepped into the gaming market with its Kaliber Gaming series. While other peripherals like a mouse and keyboard typically get the spotlight, a good gaming headset is just as important. If you cannot hear your enemies coming, then you cannot turn around and shoot them that split second before they get a round off at your head. As with any headset, there are a number of things you want to take into consideration, such as comfort, design, and, of course, sound quality. I have had a lot of headphones in my computing life – some good and some bad – but one of the things I find the hardset to satisfy is the comfort. With the Saga Gaming Headphones we are looking at today, IOGear is trying to satisfy those needs with comfortable headphones that sound great.

The Saga headphones is designed to be used by multiple systems. This is possible because, unlike a lot of PC gaming headsets that have USB ports as the interface, the Saga is designed with a multi-use 3.5mm headphone and mic combo jack. This allows the Saga to be used with PS4, Xbox One, PS Vita, Wii U, 3DS, smartphones, tablets, and if your PC has a combo mic/headphones port, it will work with your computer as well. The flexibility allows you to no longer be tied down to one device, letting you use your investment in multiple ways and cutting down the need for purchasing multiple headsets. Keep in mind that they need to be re-charged since since they are powered, even though they are not wireless. How about we get them out of the package so we can take a better look?


IOGear Kaliber Gaming Saga Surround Sound Gaming Headphones Closer Look:

The Saga Gaming Headphones comes packaged in a very sleek box with a see-through window so you can get a very good look at the headset, design, and specs. On the front of the packaging flap, you get a bit of information about the Saga headphones including the name, the IOGear logo, and that it is designed for Dolby Pro Logic Virtual Surround sound. Flipping over to the back of the package, you get introduced to a bit more of the features, such as the built-in amplifier, pivoting flat-fold hinges for easy storage, soft cushion headband, and ergonomic ear cups designed with breathable material for maximum comfort. On the side of the box, the package contents are listing alongside the system requirements, which as mentioned above, works for a number of systems for your convenience. If you open the flap on the front and look at the inside of the cover, there are examples of using the Saga with a PC, PS4, and an XBox One.




One you get everything out of the packaging, you can get a better look at the overall design of the Saga headphones and the different features that were listed on the packaging, which we will soon go into a bit further. In addition to the headset are a USB charging cable, a soft carrying bag, and the documentation. One thing to note is the USB cable is only for charging the headset and cannot be used in the operation of the headset.



Now that we have the headset out of the box, we can take a better look at it on the next page.

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