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IOGear IKON Gaming Keyboard Review


IOGear IKON Gaming Keyboard: Testing

When it comes to keyboards, which one to choose becomes a matter of personal preference. Depending on features, feel, and more, is what helps a user make that decision. I spent a solid week using the IKON Gaming Keyboard for everyday tasks, including using it for my everyday work job, school work, and gaming, which we all know takes up most of our time. I wanted to see how it feels on my hands spending hours typing on it. I used it both during the day and at night, taking advantage of the LED-backlit keys. I spent a lot of time typing my papers and projects for my degree, along with thousands of emails for work.


Testing Setup:


IOGear IKON Gaming Keyboard: Results

General Usage:

As I mentioned above, I used this keyboard as my sole keyboard for over the last week and a half. It was tested while I wrote lengthy papers and presentations for my degree and my daily tasks for my professional job. This includes sending many emails, writing security reports, and coding in Python, which takes a lot of typing :). For the most part, I was quite pleased with the use of the IKON keyboard. The keys were nicely spaced and had a good feel to them. The tactile keyboard, while similar to a mechanical keyboard, was not 100% the same; it made a slight clicking noise when each one was pressed, but not the fluid feel as the Cherry-style keys. Now that is not to say it was unpleasant by any means. It was quite comfortable to use. That being said, I would have liked to have seen a palm rest, as my hands did get tired after long sprints of typing, but it was negligible compared to some other keyboards I have used. The glow of the keys really helped with typing in low light; they were not too bright and were rather soothing colors. It would have been nice if the space bar has the same glow, but that's my preference.

The one thing that did take me a long time to get used to was the move of the backslash key. Normally they are above the Enter key, but since it is enlarged on this keyboard, the backslash is to the left of the backspace. While coding, this caused a lot of issues for me to have to correct. Other than that, it was a good experience and a very good keyboard for the cost.


Gaming Usage:

In addition to working, we all know we need to have some play time. Over the same period, I played several games from first person shooters like Battlefield Hardline, to strategy games such as World of Warships. I even played some relaxing games, such as Space Engineers, which has a lot of keys to run the game. The IKON Gaming Keyboard was very smooth and easy to use. I was able to feel the feedback from the keys, and again the LED Lighting helped to view the keys in low-light gaming situations. Not once did I feel any delay from when I pressed the keys until the action was taking place in-game.

For gaming, I would have really liked to have a USB hub in the keyboard as I mentioned earlier in the review. Having to reach down and plug my headset into my tower on the floor gave me less wiggle room for my head when playing the games and screaming due to the latency. This is one item I feel all modern keyboards should offer, especially a gaming keyboard. Also, when it comes to gaming, it would have been nice to have the WASD keys have some sort of raised portion of the key to make it easily to find while moving your fingers all over the place.


Now that we have the testing done, we can conclude on the next page.

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  2. IOGear IKON Gaming Keyboard: Specifications & Features
  3. IOGear IKON Gaming Keyboard: Testing
  4. IOGear IKON Gaming Keyboard: Conclusion
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