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IOGear Chimera M2 - Wired/Wireless Dual Mode Mouse Review



I am not always a giddy little boy when it comes to simple things. To be honest, I have reviewed gear for a long time now, starting back when I first joined OCC almost 10 years ago, so I've seen a lot. The Chimera M2 Dual Mode gaming mouse has definitely taken me off my feet though. I make it a point to go into every review like this product is going to be the best product in the market and then, as I do the review, if and when I find flaws, I evaluate them to see if they diminish the product overall. Truth be told, there is nothing that I found that I didn't like with the Chimera M2 from IOGear. It is comfortable to use, lightweight, and pretty darn accurate. When I first held it, I was cautious because it is very light, weighing in at 111g without the cable, and that is with the battery that is built-in included. That is pretty darn light, which is really nice because there is not much effort needed to move it around. I use a Steel Series Call of Duty: Black Ops II mousepad, and the Chimera M2 just glides around like it's on a blanket of air. The five pads on the bottom are not Teflon like on some mice I own, but these just are great; no snagging, nothing.

I also am not really a fan of wireless mice because I hate when things die on me, as I am too lazy to plug them in. But I have not recharged this mouse in the two weeks I have been using it, and I just went down to one battery light today. The plus is that if I do run low, I can plug directly into the mouse and charge while using it, so no worries there anymore. If I had to pick one quarrel with this mouse, it would not be the mouse itself, but the fact I don’t know what the battery lights are measured at. That is a documentation issue though and not the fault of the mouse. I tried switching back to other mice and it just does not feel the same, so I keep going back to the Chimera M2, which will now take the place of my primary mouse for my home office. If you are wanting to pick up a really good mouse for your money (I saw it for as low as $40 on Amazon), then I would recommend the Chimera M2 Dual Mode Mouse from IOGear be put on your consideration list. I am pleased that I was able to review this gem for you all.



  • Dual Mode with both a laser and optical sensor
  • Up to 2000dpi on high with optical sensor
  • Wireless design with option to turn into wired for charging and playing at the same time
  • Convenient charging dock with 2.4GHz receiver and 33ft range
  • Up to 1000rps in gaming mode
  • Sleep mode with intelligent wake feature



  • No documentation on the battery LED percentages
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