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IOGear Chimera M2 - Wired/Wireless Dual Mode Mouse Review


IOGear Chimera M2 Gaming Mouse: Testing & Results

While peripheral reviews are really the preference of the user by nature, I find them really often overlooked in the arsenal when building a computer. I never get why I see some people spend over $1000 on the CPU and motherboard, to only find themselves at the end of their budget and grabbing a $10 el cheapo mouse from Walmart. In my opinion, a good mouse and keyboard is needed to finish off the combo. The thing is, you don’t need to drop $100+ for a mouse to have it fully feature-packed and dependable. There are offerings out there that will not break the bank and give you a good bang for the buck. Does the Chimera M2 mouse from IOGear fit this bill? Well, how about we dive right in and see. To test the Chimera M2 mouse, I used it as my primary day-to-day mouse for work, school, and gaming. I am fortunate to have a job that lets me work out of my home office, so I spend 80% or more of my day on my computer because of my job position. I spent a good solid two weeks using nothing but the Chimera M2, and I used it both on my Windows 8.1 gaming rig, as well as my 2011 Mac Mini I use for work.

Testing Setup:

IOGear Chimera M2 Gaming Mouse: Results

Office Mode:

For the office mode, I used this as my only mouse for my day-to-day tasks, including working on spreadsheets with Excel, navigating through tons of logs from firewalls and Splunk, and for, of course, surfing Amazon and YouTube on my down time. I also used it when doing my school work, which lately has been developing Visio Network Diagrams. That was a bonus because this really showed me how accurate the Chimera M2 was. When placing components on a Visio diagram, I used to get "mouse shake" on many mice, where I would try to place the object in a specific grid to completely align right and it would wobble on and off the grid. At the high setting of 1600dpi, I did not get that shake - it was very precise. For my day-to-day browsing and regular use, I backed the dpi for the office mode to medium, which helped give it the right amount of acceleration to move between my triple-monitor setup without being too fast or too slow where I have to pick up the mouse and hand scroll. Now for many of you, the most important part is how the mouse felt. I can tell you, after working long 10+ hour days while using the Chimera M2, my hands were not sore. I was able to rest my hands comfortably on the ergonomic design of the mouse with ease and did not get the cramping feeling I get with some other mice. It was really comfortable.


Gaming Mode:

Gaming mode is where this beast really shined for me. I play a lot of first-person shooters and recently have been playing a lot of Call of Duty: Black Ops II, where I never experienced any delay or ghosting when using the Chimera M2. My shots were always direct on, and the 2000dpi on Gaming mode with the optical sensor really shined. Again, the design helped as well, with my hands not getting that tired feeling that I have with some gaming mouse that force me to take more breaks than I really want to. It is a very nice feel in the hands.

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