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IOGear Chimera M2 - Wired/Wireless Dual Mode Mouse Review

Price: $49.99

IOGear Chimera M2 - Wired/Wireless Dual Mode Mouse Introduction:

As with keyboards, mice are often overlooked when it comes to choosing the components for that killer gaming rig. I have seen a lot of my colleagues spend an obscene amount of money on their rig only to skimp on the peripherals. To me, this is senseless. Why have a $500 graphics cards only to play a game with a crappy mouse that cannot turn an in-game character 360 degrees without having to pick up your hand to keep the motion going? It makes no sense to me. Now there are many manufactures out on the market that have great mice available, but if you do not want to blow a lot of your cash on a mouse, then look at better options which have more bang for your buck.

IOGear, which has been a maker of peripherals for a long time, also has its Killer Gaming series now, which offers high-end gaming components without the hefty price tag. One of these peripherals we are going to look at today is the Chimera M2 Wired/Wireless Dual Mode mouse. Now if that is not a mouth full, at least you can tell this mouse is going to be packed with features right off the bat. To start off, the mouse offers both wireless and wired capabilities and the dual mode uses two different sensors - one a laser and one an optical sensor - to give you highly accurate DPI. This allows you to have full range of motion on your desk with no wires if you choose and up to 2000dpi on the gaming mode set on high. All this in a sub $50 mouse is amazing. How amazing you ask? How about we dive right in and take a closer look at the Chimera M2 and see if it stands up to the hype of the feature list.


IOGear Chimera M2 - Wired/Wireless Dual Mode Mouse Closer Look:

Now that we have the intro out of the way, we can finally get down to the nitty gritty and deep dive into the Chimera M2 mouse. First we have to get it out of the packaging, which is quite the attractive box. There is a gamey black and lime green color scheme, which gives you that feel to get out and destroy something. The front of the packaging has a picture of the mouse on the charger base, along with the name and the logos for IOGear and its Killer Gaming brand. There are also a few highlighted features, such as the dual sensor design and the DPI/FPS available. Moving to the back of the packaging, there is a more expanded list of the features and additional images of the mouse buttons and sensors for the mode switching. The side of the box lists the contents within, along with the system requirements. Officially, Windows Vista and up are supported along with Mac OS 10.2+. There are drivers available for Windows on the IOGear website if needed, but I had no issues with either Windows 8.1 or Mac OS 10.10 recognizing the mouse. Finally, there is a flip-top that allows you to get up and close to the mouse to get a good view of it before you bite the bullet and spend that hard earned cash if shopping at retail.




Now with everything removed from the package, we can get a good look at what is included with the Chimera M2 gaming mouse. Included in the package is the Chimera M2 mouse itself, the charging base for the mouse, the charging cable that can be used for the charging base or plugged directly into the mouse to run it as a wired mouse to charge as well, and the documentation.



Now that we have everything out of the box, we can take a better look at the features of the Chimera M2 mouse.

  1. IOGear Chimera M2 - Wired/Wireless Dual Mode Mouse: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. IOGear Chimera M2 - Wired/Wireless Dual Mode Mouse: Closer Look Continued
  3. IOGear Chimera M2 - Wired/Wireless Dual Mode Mouse: Specifications & Features
  4. IOGear Chimera M2 - Wired/Wireless Dual Mode Mouse: Testing
  5. IOGear Chimera M2 - Wired/Wireless Dual Mode Mouse: Conclusion
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