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In Win IW-R300 3U Server Chasis Review


Closer Look:

With the cover taken off, you can get a better look at the room we have to work with in the IW-R300. The chassis supports ATX motherboards up to 12" x 9.6" and CEB (Compact Electronics Bay - for dual processor motherboards) up to 12" x 10.5". You can also see the seven expansion slots spaces, as well as the two spaces for optional 60mm exhaust fans. I was surprised to have seen that the two 60mm fans were not included since cooling is a big issue with rack cases and the price for them is minimal compared to the price of the chassis. The single fan on the front of the case is not enough to cool the chassis by itself, in my opinion. The power supply gets installed by the top of the motherboard. The In Win IW-R300 supports both single 2U power supplies and redundant 1+1 power supplies, so you can choose whichever fits your needs best. This particular review sample came with a single 2U 500w power supply, which we will take a better look at later in the review.















When it comes to storage, the In Win IW-R300 has you covered. Above the power supply cradle, there is a space for a 3.5" hard drive, as well as to the front left side of the case above the storage area for the power supply cables. Then, in the center, there is the drive cage that holds more 3.5" hard drives, for a total of five. Above the hard drive cage is the space for the slim optical drive to get mounted and the PC board for the switches and LEDs. To the front right of the case, there is an external 3.5" bay for a floppy drive, although you could put another hard drive there instead, if needed. There are also two 5.25" external drive bays for optical drives or expansion, such as a hot swap drive cage, which could mount up to three more 3.5" hard drives. For cooling the drives and the case, there is a single 80mm x 25mm fan, manufactured by San Cooler, which has a maximum airflow of 42.40 CFM, with a static pressure of 0.1930 in H2O, and a maximum noise level of 34.00 dbA.




For the leads on the In Win IW-R300, there is everything you could need - a USB 2.0 lead that powers the two front USB 2.0 ports, power button lead, reset button lead, power LED lead, HDD LED lead, warning message LED lead and two network interface activity leads, if your motherboard or network card supports it. For security there is an Intrusion Detection Switch, which, if your motherboard supports it, will sound an alarm if the cover is removed, alerting you to tampering with your hardware.



With the case examined, let's take a look at the power supply that juices this beast.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look: Working Components
  3. Closer Look: Power Supply
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing
  6. Conclusion
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