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Intel E6750 CPU



First things first. Overclocking will void your warranty, as well as possibly damage other hardware you own. In no way is OverclockersClub.com liable for any damage you do to your own hardware because of this article or any others. Overclock at your own risk.

With that being said, this processor was possibly the easiest I have ever had to overclock. Because I am using air cooling for this review, extreme voltage to the CPU core is not a reality. When run at the same vcore, the E6750 ran much cooler than my lapped E6700, The difference in temperatures was something I was not expecting since all of my Core2Duo chips run on the warm side. This is not saying the chip won’t heat up, it just runs 5 to 7 degrees C cooler on average than my other chips.

When pushed, it just kept going and going. I was finally able to top out at around 4.1GHz with this chip (bench stable). While bench stable is nice for the guys chasing world records, that’s not my game. I need to have the stability to run long term. There is just something about blue screens and reboots in the middle of my favorite games that drives me insane. Now the results you get from any CPU will vary depending on any number of variables, but the maximum (24/7) stable clock speed I could achieve was 3.960GHz. This is well over the best performing E6600 I have had by a wide margin, and I feel there is more performance left on the table. But for now, who wouldn’t be happy with a CPU that runs this speed 24/7 at reasonable volts (1.565 set in BIOS)?




At stock speeds, the performance of the E6750 was equal to the E6700 it replaced. It should be, as both the E6700 and E6750 run at the same speed of 2.66GHz. Theoretically, the 6750 should perform slightly better due to the higher front side bus, but that proved to be a non-issue and performance was right where it should be. Where this CPU really shows its worth to me is when it is overclocked. It was able to reach higher speeds at lower volts and temperatures than any of the other Core2Duo chips I have had. The performance per dollar spent makes this new line of 1333 FSB processors a tremendous value. If you consider the fact that the E6750 comes in at a price $18 dollars less than the E6600, and $108 less than the E6700 it replaces, you really cannot go wrong. If you don’t do any overclocking and have an E6700 or better, there really is no need to upgrade unless you want to just have the latest and greatest thing out there. On the other hand, if you are an enthusiast and are always on the lookout for that high performance chip, then this may be just the ticket for that next high performance upgrade.



  • Overclocking ability
  • Cool running relative to previous CPUs 
  • Price
  • Performance Value



  • None noted
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