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Intel Core i9 7980XE & Core i9 7960X Review

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Intel Core i9 7980XE & Core i9 7960X Testing:

The first part of our testing will involve system-specific benchmarks.


Let's get started with Apophysis. This program is primarily used to render and generate fractal flame images. We will run this benchmark with the following settings:

  • Resolution: 2750 x 2048
  • Quality: 500
  • Limit Memory use: 512 MB



The measurement used is time to render, in minutes, to completion.





Lower is Better


WinRAR is a tool that archives and compresses large files to a manageable size. Here, we will test the time needed to compress files of 100 MB and 500 MB. Time will be measured in seconds.




Lower is Better





Lower is Better


Bibble 5:

This test consists of converting one hundred 8.2 MP RAW images to JPEG format. The original file size is 837 MB. The measure used for comparison is time needed to convert the file, in seconds.


Lower is Better


Geekbench 4:

Geekbench 4 is a benchmark that tests CPU performance in an easy-to-use tool. The measure used for comparison are the CPU Single Core and Multi Core tests.


Higher is Better


In Apophysis, the Core i9 processors are towards the middle part of the comparison due to the lower out of box speeds both at stock and while overclocked. The Core i9 7980XE and 7960X deliver results below the i9 7900X and i7 6950X. In the WinRAR testing the Core i9 7980XE and i9 7960X perform a bit better by comparison in the RAR compression tests.

Bibble 5 is all about multi-threaded workloads, so a higher core count is going to deliver a lower time to completion. The Skylake X processors came close to the higher clocked 7900X in this test. In the Geekbench test, the single core scores are what the processors deliver with the Turbo Boost clock speeds. The multi-core scores show a score lower than the i9 7900X at stock speeds but once overclocked there is no equal in the processors tested.

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