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Intel 8th Generation Core i7 8700K & Core i5 8400 Review


Intel 8th Generation Core i7 8700K & Core i5 8400 Testing:

Cinebench R15 is useful for testing your system, CPU, and OpenGL capabilities using the software program, CINEMA 4D. We will be using the default tests for this benchmark.





Higher is Better


HWBot X.265 Benchmark: This benchmark takes a H.264 video and converts the output to an H.265/HVEC format. Included are both 1080 and 4K presets to measure the FPS level achieved by the processor. The default benchmarks are used  with the result the FPS level at which the processor completed the workload. Measurement is in FPS.


Lower is Better


PCMark 8.2 is the latest iteration of Futuremark's popular PCMark system performance tool. This latest version is a comprehensive tool that runs through real life scenarios to test the install hardware using a series of real life application to simulate the load.


Higher is Better


In the Cinebench R15 testing, the single core scoring really shows of the lightly threaded performance of the Core i7 8700K with its up to 4.7GHz Turbo Boost 2.0 clock speed hitting the highest score at stock speeds. The Kaby Lake chips only outperform it once overclocked to as much as 100 to 200MHz higher. In the multi-core scoring, the i7 8700K is the higher performing six-core processor in the comparison.

In HWBot's X.265 benchmark, the six-core / 12 thread Core i7 8700K is performing above the level of the R5 1600X from AMD. In PCMark 8 the Core i7 8700K is the top of the pack in both the stock and overclocked results showing that whatever optimizations Intel put under the hood are working quite well.

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