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Intel Core i7 4770K Review


Intel Core i7 4770K:

Today's tests were completed with Intel's own DZ87KLT-75K Extreme series motherboard that in its own right is a full featured motherboard capable of giving the end user an excellent user experience. But there are those of us that just want more or better feature sets that work best for our usage scenarios. The aftermarket is full of motherboards that range from low end builder specials all the way up to the king of the hill overclocking and enthusiast platform boards. Like I said Intel has put together a pretty decent package here but that's not the end of the run. In the coming weeks we will be testing a series of Z87-based motherboards that fit the usage patterns of our readers, including some of the top of the line boards on the market. Currently I have boards from ASUS and MSI on the rack and ready to go. Here's a short list of what I will be looking at.


At the upper end of the spectrum I have the ASUS ROG Maximus VI Extreme and MSI's MPower MAX. Both are targeted purely at the enthusiast and overclocker. Each has a unique feature set that makes them each HALO level boards ready and able to deliver all the performance your hardware is capable of. If you can't get the numbers with these boards, your hardware just can't get there.









The next level down we have to look at is a new offering in ASUS' ROG lineup that brings the ROG feature set down to a more mainstream price point. On the other hand we have the MSI Z87-GD65 that puts its feet firmly in that space as well, with a strong gaming feature set. It will be interesting to see how these two compare.



The last pair I have to look at, and these are in no certain order, are the MSI Z87-G45 from MSI's gaming lineup that brings the feature set down another level. ASUS' P8Z87 is part of its standard lineup and comes with an attractive feature set to go along with the standard ASUS styling. It has taken a new direction as far as coloring goes with some that love it and some that hate it. Where do you fall?



Time to put this all together and see what the 4770K is all about.

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