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Ikonik Zaria Review



For Ikonik being a newcomer to cases they sure have a good product. This case has so many features for its size not to mention nice looks. It also included many extras like the dust cloth and fan extension cable. The interchangeable side panel windows are a nice touch as well as the large amount of included fans. What is more amazing is SIM, which I can't say I've seen anything else like it. SIM is able to control so much and having the ability to monitor up to four individual temps makes it a very useful tool to any enthusiast. So it didn't quite hold up to the competition in the performance department but it did hold most of them off in the feature department. The only thing I could say that disappointed me was the lack of a heat sink hole in the motherboard tray which makes it convenient to swap bracketed heat sinks and water blocks without having to remove the motherboard. If you want this case though, that might be a problem. A quick Google search will find you plenty of Zaria A10s but won't find you any with SIM. So as for pricing I have no idea, but the Zaria without SIM retails for $69.99 on Newegg. I would say for one with SIM it's probably still under $100.



  • Came with more than one fan
  • Of the four included fans three are LED
  • SIM
  • Tool-Less solutions for HDD, ODD, Expansion Slots
  • Water cooling capable
  • Interchangeable side panel window
  • Looks nice
  • Includes a dust cloth
  • Fan Filters



  • No heatsink hole
  • Availability of the A10 w/ SIM
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  7. Conclusion
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