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Ikonik Zaria Review


Closer Look:

After unveiling the case and starting with the side there is currently a mesh window installed into.  As I mentioned earlier there is an included sheet of acrylic which is interchangeable with the mesh. This I think is a nice feature since it gives the user a choice between the two. On the top of the case are the typical front panel connections and a cover that's included to protect them from dust. On the bottom we have rubberized anti-slip feet and a hole for a 120mm fan. Lastly, we come to the front which has a thick and sturdy aluminum door.


















The side of the case proves to be a little more eventful than the usual since it features an exhaust for two 80mm fans. The rear of the case shows the PSU goes up top which is ok, even though it seems to be a trend lately to have it on the bottom. We also have our usual seven expansion slots. Also included are holes fitted with rubber grommets to run watercooling tubes. Moving on to behind the front door, we have a black plastic look which is quite nice. From the bottom left picture, you can see there are a total of five external bays a single 3.5" and four 5.25" bays. Further on we have a closer look at the top panel connections which include two USB ports, one IEEE 1394, one eSATA, and Headphone and MIC ports. Also, here is our Power Button.




Here is a close look at the cover for the top panel connections. It uses a single magnet at the top to secure its self to the case.


So there was a lot to see outside but what about inside?

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (The Case)
  3. Closer Look (The Working Components)
  4. Installation and Configuration: SIM
  5. Specifications and Features
  6. Testing: Setup and Results
  7. Conclusion
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