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Ikonik Optimus 1200 Review


Closer Look:

With a quick look at the inside of the case, it is nice to know tool-less solutions are included for all drives. Here we have close up shots of both sets of tool-less drive solutions. The case accepts both Full ATX and Micro ATX boards depending on your needs. Also nicely included with this case is a convenient hole in the motherboard tray for easy swapping of heatsink or waterblock backplates. Take notice also that the case is all black inside and out which is a nice touch for any case.














Here is a close-up shot of the pinouts for motherboard standoffs. As mentioned earlier, the PSU is bottom mounted and here it seems Ikonik had some good forethought by including the fan filter on the outside of the case so you won't have to remove the PSU to clean it. Here also are rubber feet for the PSU to rest on. Included like on many cases recently, are some watercooling holes fitted with grommets as well as some thumbscrews to secure expansion devices. Lastly, we have a close-up of the only included fan in the package which, is simply a 120mm fan. Nothing else is mentioned on specifications for the fan.




Inside the case, the cage for the hard drives can hold up to five. It can also hold one externally accessible 3.5" device. The Optimus is able to take on up to four 5.25" drives. With the front panel off, we get a close look at the LED board behind the panel. Of all of the LEDs, only two of them blink simultaneously for hard drive activity while the rest remain on when the PC is powered up. Moving on to the final side of the case, you should notice that the tool-less solutions aren't just on one side of the case, they are on both.




Pictured here are the internal connecting wires for the top panel connections.  Next up are the side panels and front panel. The side panels of the case are quite easy to install and remove as is the front panel.




Last up we have our included accessories which consist of some zipties, mounting hardware, install guide, speaker and an insert for the external 3.5" bay. Last but not least, we have the actual install which went quite smoothly. I must say the side panel will not allow clearance at all for installation of any fan in the top portion of the side panel. This of course only being a problem if you have a tall heatsink. Also you probably won't be able to fit anything above a push pull configuration heatsink unless you can orient your heatsink differently. The case's wire management worked quite well providing adequate space to run wires behind the motherboard tray.



So the install was nice and smooth and the case has some modest features such as a few tool-less solutions and all black paint. I really can't imagine it will test well with only one fan but let's see how it goes.

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  2. Closer Look (The Case)
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