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Ideazon Reaper Gaming Mouse

Price: 39.99


Gaming mice are becoming more commonplace, especially since every new game that comes out gets increasingly more real and intricate in detail.  The mouse is a peripheral that has got to be able to zero in on a few pixels in a sea of 1.67 million.  Even in some more specialized applications like CAD programs and graphics creation, the resolution and quality of the mouse become really important.  Today I will be reviewing the Reaper Gaming Mouse by Ideazon.

Ideazon has been around since 2000.  It is a specialty company that produces peripherals specifically for the gaming market, and even tailor makes devices for some games.  The company has been particularly successful in the sale of its Zboard, a modular keyboard with interchangeable game specific keypads.  The Reaper Gaming Mouse is one of its newest products and boasts many features.

Closer Look:

Following the design of other newly released products by Ideazon, the packaging for the Reaper has a fearsome fiery look.  The back of the box displays all of the mouse's main features in good detail.  The cutaway box with a full, open view of the mouse allows you to see what you’re going to get before you buy.

Judging by the size of the box, you would expect that there were a lot of items inside.  That is just not the case here.  What’s inside is the mouse and an installation mini-CD.  Ideazon has gone with the “tear drop” shape for the Reaper design, which while aesthetically pleasing, through personal experience this shape has proven to be less than user friendly.  But you never know, maybe there is something new here that will change my opinion.

The perimeter of the mouse is made of a matte black plastic.  The matte finish will aid in getting a good grip on the mouse, and looks good too.  The center of the mouse and the two main buttons are made of a rubberized plastic that give it a soft feel.  The scroll wheel is also made of this same material and makes for very easy gripping and smooth scrolling.

There are three auxiliary buttons on the left hand side of the mouse that are intended for use by your thumb. You can just barely make it out in this next picture, but just up above the scroll wheel there is another small button.  So in total, there are seven buttons on this mouse, including the clickable scroll wheel.

With its clearly identified optical port, the underside of the mouse reveals the white Teflon pads which should provide a surface for a smooth gliding feel.

Now that we have looked at the construction and physical properties of this mouse, we are ready to install it.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Installation & Configuration
  3. Specifications & Testing
  4. Conclusion
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