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Ideazon Fang Gamepad

Price: 34.99 USD


    There have been many times I have been online, playing my favorite game against other like minded enthusiasts (fanatics for short), where I’ve often thought as I was being pummeled, “These guys must be HACKERS!!!”  In reality though, I’ve found, through asking around in the lobby after the matches, that most of these guys are normal everyday shmoes like myself, except they happen to have a secret advantage.  Their advantage is the gaming equipment they use.  While my frustration level is building and I’m clamoring to hit the right combination of keystrokes on my outdated keyboard, they, with the use of highly precise, well thought out macros, beat me to the brass ring every time.  In the market of gaming controllers, there are only a handful of manufacturers who cater to our obsession for better, faster, more precise control.  As of late, Ideazon has introduced a few new players to the peripheral arena.  Recently, I reviewed the Merc Gaming Keyboard that had a built in gaming pad with the “butterfly” key layout to optimize the position and size of the WASD key layout.  Similarly, the Fang Gamepad utilizes this same “butterfly” key layout except that it is an ambidextrous, free ranging gamepad.  The keys on this gamepad are highly programmable and Ideazon has also included some handy features like multimedia control.  In this review, I will scrutinize the Fang Gamepad in fine detail to see how it stacks up.

In case you’re wondering, this isn’t Ideazon’s first rodeo.  Ideazon came into being in the year 2000, and soon thereafter, released its first contender into the gaming market, the Zboard.  The Zboard is a modular style keyboard with interchangeable, game specific keypads.  Ideazon’s success with this peripheral has spurred the creation and release of these newer game controllers, which showcase comfort and programmability.


Closer Look:

    The packaging the Fang Gamepad came in was very neat in appearance.  Again, Ideazon has stuck with its silvery black coloring with the name surrounded by a fiery background.  This does much in adding to the attractive qualities of this gamepad and gives it a ferocious, ominous look.  The back of the box displays many of the core attributes that the Fang incorporates.

The contents of the box are the gamepad, an install CD, a quick start guide, and a plate that attaches to the bottom of the Fang for wrist support.  The attachment is a very nice touch as it gives you an option to use it or not, besides the fact that it clips on very easily.

The front of the Fang is laden with 41 customizable keys along with a full set of multimedia buttons.  Sounds like the start of an action packed night of gaming.

The underside of the Fang is much like a keyboard with extendable legs that adjust the height.  It also has rubber feet to help keep it in place during game play.

You may have noticed the fold out tab at the top of the Fang and the plastic bracket in the middle while looking at the underside.  At first I didn’t understand the use for these, but after reading the user manual, I was enlightened.  The fold out tab is a carrying handle and the bracket in the middle is to manage the USB cable when transporting the Fang.

If you happen to be a lefty, that’s no problem as the Fang is ambidextrous.  The button layout is almost completely symmetrical so, together with the ability to program the buttons, any comfort level should be achievable.

So far the Fang looks impressive on the outside and seems to incorporate a lot of features.  Let’s hope the installation is just as nice.

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