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ICute 0508ULA Computer Case


Captain, we need MORE power! Hurry men fire up that extra turbine. The latest addition to a large line of cases from ICute the astutely named 0508ULA Series. While the name may not be very appealing, the looks are. Looking like something that should have a cockpit and passengers onboard, this case if defiantly tailored to the aviator inside you. Whether or not you ride, or fly in airplanes; this case will be your conveyance. ICute while being a new name to most, has been a major manufacture in Asia since early 1988, and have recently dove into the premod 'scene'. A new style of case from a veteran manufacture if defiantly bound to be worthwhile, fancy looks, and super cooling, defiantly make this case a looker.

Closer Look

Shipped in a plain white box, with the specifications printed on it, left me wondering about the contents of this package. As always when receiving something of value in the mail, I checked over the package for shipping damage. Finding a lot of shipping damage, as well as various bumps, dents, and scuffs, I opened her up to have a peek. The case was snuggled in with the standard Styrofoam end pieces, as well as covered in a plastic bag.

Removing this I was finally rewarded with a clear, unobstructed view of the case. Relieved to see that there was no damage, I proceeded to check it out. Having a large turbine type fan in the front, this defiantly acts as the main focal point for the case.

Moving over to the side to open up the case, and see what kind of goodies it came with, I realized that the large circle on the side panel is actually fan housing!!!! And when I say this was big, I am making no exaggeration, this sucker is HUGE, and so I broke out the ruler and measured, coming in at a whopping 25cm.

At first impression I was a little skeptical about this case, as it had a very light and somewhat flimsy feel to it. After examining the rest of the case, I found no defects, or any flaws at all for that matter, which was fairly surprising as most cases I get have a defect here or there. This case comes standard with a large front intake, as well as a giant side panel fan. Other than that this is a pretty standard case.

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