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ICEMAT mouse surface

Price: $28


They sent me the ICEMAT a couple week ago.. and I just now received it. Comes to find out that it went to Birmingham UK and we are in Birmingham AL, USA :) It's not ICEMAT's fault, it was mine for not specifying the address correctly. As you can see from the picture, it appears it went to hell and back. Once I opened it I found that it was not broken nor did it have any cracks! That just shows how strong this piece of glass really is.

There are alot of popular mouse surfaces on the market these days. There are the famous everglide surfaces and the new func surface, all of which are made of plastic. The ICEMAT surface is made of professionally designed glass. You may ask yourself why a glass mouse surface? First off it looks really cool and contemporary. There are alot of mouse surfaces out there that perform well, but don't look good. Today will we will see how well the ICEMAT preforms.

The Package

The ICEMAT mouse surface looks good and has an excellent mouse surface. What suface is better than glass? You might be afraid that you will break it. Well the ICEMAT is a very thick glass and holds up very well. Although do keep in mind that it is still glass and needs to be handled with care. The size of the ICEMAT is 250 x 210 x 6.2 mm it fits my keyboard tray perfectly. ICEMAT can also do custom designs for you! A company logo or clan name would look exeptionally well. Please note that the ICEMAT does not work with optical mice.


  • Glass- Stylish look
  • High Quality
  • (6) Rubber feet- This keeps it from sliding around
  • Custom designs- ICEMAT can do a custum design for you
  • Rounded Edges- For comfort


    Testing a mouse surface just like testing mice is a personal opinion. I placed my BoomSlang mouse on the ICEMAT mouse surface and could feel the surface was different and had a completely different kind of feel to that of which I was used to. I played of a few games of UT and Quake3 to test the ICEMAT. My movement was more accurate and my gaming was slightly better than before.


    I personally love the ICEMAT which has now replaced my old mouse surface. The price of the pad is slightly higher than the Everglide mouse surface but, I think it is well worth it for it's superb flat surface and it's stylish looks. I recommend this mouse surface to anyone that requires a flat, accurate, and smooth surface.

    There has been reports that Icemat is no longer in business. If you buy an Icemat from their website you won't get an Icemat, Phone call, email, or anything else for that matter. Go to this post in our forums, and read about how one person had this problem, and also how he got his money back.

    • Stylish
    • Superb flat and accurate surface
    • Very durable
    • Custom logos avaliable

    • Does not support optical mice
    • Finger prints
    • Glass- Can be broken if enough pressure is applied

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