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HyperX Savage 2666MHz 32GB Memory Review


HyperX Savage 2666MHz 32GB Conclusion:

My first impressions of this HyperX Savage memory kit were less than stellar after spending some time trying to get the kit to post using the XMP profile on the Maximus VIII Impact. I figured my overclock was a bit aggressive, but found the same issue when resetting the BIOS back to the default settings. The maximum speed I could get the kit to post with while using the XMP profile was 2600MHz by manually tuning voltages. Even using an applied 1.5v, the modules would not post at 2666MHz running the CPU at stock or overclocked speeds. Not until I adjusted the TRFC to 410 from the XMP set 350 would it post at 2666MHz. Not sure if this was an oversight or just that the M8I is that finicky with higher density memory.

Other than that one hiccup, the modules delivered excellent performance based on the speed rating of the modules in each of the tests. The higher memory capacity and lower overall clock speed did not prove to be an asset or liability in my testing. Overclocking also turned out to be fairly robust as well with an almost 17% boost in clock speed to 3100MHz using 17-17-17-35 timings and 1.45v applied to the modules. In all of the tests but the gaming test, the overclock of 434MHz on the HyperX Savage DIMMs delivered a performance boost when keeping the CPU speed static at 4.5GHz.

Cranking up the DRAM voltage did increase the thermal load the Savage heat sink had to shed. Adding a little airflow over the DIMMs helped the Savage modules stay cool to the touch under load. The air flow from a tower style heat sink equipped with a 120mm or larger fan should provide that needed airflow. At 33mm high, the Savage heat sink should poke right up into the CPU cooler air stream without causing fitment issues. Not a bad combination when you think of it. Low-ish profile that allows the modules to take advantage of the airflow.

Overall, my initial perceptions were changed once I started really tweaking the modules. But you have to have that XMP profile work for those that want to just put the parts in and apply the profile. HyperX offers the Savage lineup in capacities from 8GB to 128GB to meet the needs of the user running either a Z170 or X99 chipset-based system. Speed bins start at 2133MHz and range on up to 3000MHz if you need that speed fix.

Pricing still looks a little volatile on 2x16GB 32GB kits with price points between $200 and $240 for similar kits, but looser timings. For the $269 price point on these modules,you do get a lifetime warranty if the unforeseen happens. This kit on a new Z170-based motherboard offers up plenty of performance potential.



  • Overclocking
  • Good looks 
  • Warranty
  • Timings at rated speed



  • XMP profile would not post


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