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HyperX Savage 2666MHz 32GB Memory Review

Price: $269

HyperX Savage 2666MHz 32GB Introduction:

When building or upgrading a system you usually have to make a choice between either high memory speeds with reduced overall capacity or to take a higher capacity at a lower speed bin. With each choice you get to weigh the costs and benefits of your final choice. HyperX is aiming to give a clear choice that allows you to not have to look to hard at that choice with their Savage line up. Offering speeds from 2133MHz to 3000MHz and kits from 8GB to 128GB you get a wide selection of HyperX Savage kits to choose from. Each kit with its own XMP 2.0 profile for set it and forget it ease of use. You can let your budget help guide you when it comes time to decide on your needed capacity and speed. These low latency kits from HyperX are designed to be used motherboards featuring Intel X99 or 100series chipsets. This gives the consumer a wide range of possible usage scenarios from the mainstream B150 to the mid range Z170 and extreme series X99 builds. HyperX uses a die cast aluminum heat sink that is used to both give the modules a unique look and manage the thermal load generated by this high desnsity kit when cranking on the voltage and speeds.

Currently priced at roughly $269, this set of modules does come with a lifetime warranty should you have a DIMM fail on you. HyperX modules are known for performance and good looks. Both attributes this set of modules seems to have from a glance at the specs. Lets take a deeper dive into what makes these modules special.

HyperX Savage 2666MHz 32GB Closer Look:

Sometimes memory packaging is way over the top with extravagant graphics and the latest buzz words that really don't add anything to the equation. On the other end of the spectrum Kingston's HyperX Savage modules come in a bare bones retail blister pack that just gives the consumer the facts about the memory. What you also get is a clear picture of just what the modules look like up close and personal without staring through a window. The front half is clear while the ack half that holds the modules is black. The tamper proof seal doubles as the means to identify the model of the modules, the capacity and the timings the modules will use. Also packaged inside is the warranty and installation guide that details the lifetime warranty and DIMM installation. Basically what you see is what you get.



Once you pull the DIMMs out you can get the full 3D view of each of the modules. HyperX offers the Savage line in multiple capacities and DDR4 speeds. However this kit, part number HX426C15SBK2/32, consists of a pair of 16GB modules rated to run at 2666MHz using 1.2v to deliver 15-15-15-35 timings. Basically the PSD settings for the XMP 2.0 profile. HyperX used a black on black theme for the Savage line with a unique heat shield that rises on the ends while remaining shallow in the center. A series of ventilating ribs and slots that both increase surface area and allow the cooling air to flow up through the stamped aluminum heat sinks. At 34.57mm tall, the modules should not present any real fitment challenges when using a full tower style CPU cooler. A much cleaner solution than if you were trying to use a set of HyperX Predator modules.




Featuring an unique look, this DRAM kit from HyperX is not the fastest kit on the block, but it allows users looking for the maximum possible memory capacity to use 32GB of memory in a dual DIMM Mini-ITX motherboard. On the flip side, running with four or eight DIMMs in a full size Z170 or X99 platform ups the total potential up to 128GB of DRAM using these high density modules. Let's take a look at how they perform in a Mini-ITX board.

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