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HyperX Cloud Revolver Gaming Headset Review


HyperX Cloud Revolver Gaming Headset Conclusion:

Ultimately, in the end I was pretty disappointed in the HyperX Cloud Revolver Gaming Headset. For being advertised as having studio-grade sound and coming with a matching sticker shock, I had expected quite a bit more for overall sound quality. Not to be a snob or even start to being considered an audiophile, I just disliked the frequency response at anything above "quiet" listening levels. In an intense gaming session there's some satisfaction to be had when something explodes and it genuinely sounds like it has impact. The same goes for movies, TV shows, bass drops in music, etc. It's hard not to focus on the lack of bass output!

That said, in all other categories, the HyperX Cloud Revolver are not only good, but they can be great. They have an extremely good soundstage that makes placing enemies in games a simple matter, and the built-in microphone resists breakup even when screaming quite loudly. Efficiency is also top-notch; these guys will hurt your hearing even with crappy integrated sound cards on laptops! However, you probably won't listen to them loudly for long, as the odd frequency response ends up quite tiring after a time.

All in all, I can't call the Cloud Revolver necessarily bad, but it's hard not to recommend other products in this price range. Good try, but it seems to miss the mark on the "studio-grade" sound quality.


  • Very sturdy and light weight
  • Great spacial locality / soundstage
  • Extremely efficient



  • Bass seems to fade at higher volumes
  • Not a great fit for small heads
  • Did I mention the lack of bass?


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  5. HyperX Cloud Revolver Gaming Headset: Conclusion
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