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HyperX Cloud Revolver Gaming Headset Review


HyperX Cloud Revolver Gaming Headset Closer Look:

Hardest part in reviewing things (including this headset) is waiting to try things out, just to provide some clean shots of the product. It's like your birthday, but you can't open your actual presents – just get to know what they are.

Anyway, out of the box, my first impression of the HyperX Cloud Revolver is how light they are. Perhaps this is where they get the "cloud" name, but they truly are rather light. The outer loop is a slim steel frame with plastic end caps over the ear cups with a neat red and black pattern. The ear cups themselves have some rotation and are also mostly plastic, aiding in lightness, with pretty soft foam ear cups.

Balanced on end, you can see a bit into the ear cup, both the thickness of the padding as well as into the outline of the driver cover. You might also notice the self-adjusting head strap at this point. This is something I am still conflicted over. I like the concept, as my favorite old Turtle Beach TBS-2114, of not having to find just the right number of clicks left to right, but I also recall a bit of "sag" over time. Having a smaller head also has greater impact on the limited amount of sag being allowed. I'll be honest this early in the review, I wanted to try them on about right out of the box. So I did. I'll say, if you have a small head, these aren't for you. Sad Panda. They are nice and light weight, and with that comes the cavieat of a small head and feeling like I cannot move. They want to shake right off my head. They are a bit too large in about every aspect sadly, but that won't stop me from talking about sound and all other aspects. Just know up front – us small head friends, probably not the best fit. Sorry.



The cable directly connected to the headset is braided, but also rather short (one meter from the specs). You won't want to use this unless you have something to plug into directly at your desktop (keyboard/amp controls). However, this isn't your limit. It comes with a control module that adds an additional two meters in length and connections for both the headphones and mic for a sound card connection (rather than just the 4 pole connection). The inline module allows you to control volume up and down, mute, as well as switch on and off the headset all in one go.



The mic is detachable, which allows you to use the headset as just a pair of headphones while traveling without looking a bit funny or even just around the house. The detach feature, rather than a tuck and pull, does leave you to the possibility of losing it, but you generally won't be far from your desk or travel bag when adding/removing the mic.

The plug hole keeps you from plugging things the wrong way. Not that you can't force it, but actually you really can't. It will only lock on one way and fall out the other. You are, in reality, forced to put the mic on the right way. It will always sit locked into the left side of your face. While omni-directional, the main intake for the mic is three cutouts on the inside of the mic nearest to your face. The outside edge of the mic mimics these holes, but is filled with plastic. While the mic has some adjustment to it, it does ultimately end up going where it wants to with most of its adjustment seeming to be in the up/down direction with regards to your mouth.




Looking closer at the details of the HyperX Cloud Revolver, you can see how well it was put together. The leatherette is not going to be coming off the ear cups anytime soon and the cable braiding is done well end to end. There are ventilation holes on the outside of the cups to keep your ears from getting too hot. The extended length for the headband extends with cabling between the cups – which is also nicely done with braided cable. The details are nice.



The top of the headband is done up with black and red stitching at the edges between top and bottom. The top edge has a more ridged structure with a HyperX logo embossed. The lower edge that touches your head has a reasonable amount of padding that doesn't pull your hair and sits nicely. It seems to be the same memory padding that is in the ear cups. Between the softness, and lightness, I think these will be a very comfortable headset for my head.



All in all, they look very nice, feel very nice, and have a lot of quality behind them in handling. Let's get them on and see how they sound!


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