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HP S700 SSD Review


HP S700 SSD Conclusion:

If you are coming from a magnetic disk spindle drive and the HP S700 is your first solid-state drive, you will be amazed at how well it improves the overall system feel and operation. From quicker boot times to faster game loading and application access speeds, the difference is really night and day by comparison. If you make that comparison by looking at the results of the testing, the speed of even a modestly priced entry-level solid-state drive is just that much better than a traditional hard drive.

Now, when you look at the actual performance delivered versus the rated specifications, the HP S700 drive showed both some positives and negatives. In the ATTO testing, the drive came close to its up to 560MB/s rating at 552MB/s and was quite a bit shy on the write side of the equation, only mustering a 470MB/s result. Rated at up to 75000 read IOPS and 90000 write IOPS, the drive showed that it did not quite get there in the Anvil Storage utility test with a result in the QD16 read and write tests with results closer to the ratings of the 250GB drive being offered in this series of 40572 read IOPS and 79139 write IOPS. Where the drive showed the most positive performance was when it was being written to.

As a 2.5-inch, 7mm thick form factor drive, the S700 500GB drive has plenty of upsides when you are looking at replacing an aging or slow disk drive in a laptop or desktop. The responsiveness and feel of an SSD makes all the difference when switching out from a slow 5400RPM mechanical drive. After testing this drive in a current high-end desktop computer, I put it in my wife’s year old laptop without telling her. The biggest complaint with the slower 5400RPM mechanical drive was that the laptop took just too long to boot and get everything up and running. Even after a fresh install without all of the bloatware you normally get on a new laptop, it was just painful. The instant gratification of having the desktop up in seconds versus minutes made all the difference and is truly worth the $179 asking price.

HP has been building systems for years and is comfortable enough with the Silicon Motion controller and Micron 3D TLC NAND to offer a three-year warranty on the S700 drive series. As a gateway into faster drive performance, the HP S700 is a nice start, but if you are looking for the fastest drives out there, the HP S700 will fall short of your expectations. However, starting at $62 for the 120GB drive you can get some bang for your buck.



  • Competitive cost 
  • Faster than a spindle drive
  • Three-year warranty
  • Write performance


  • Read performance 
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