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Hitman Review



Without question, the gameplay of Hitman is of the utmost importance, because of what the franchise has previously established, and because of the unusual release strategy. Personally, I have been enjoying it, and it is actually part of the reason it has taken me so long to write this review. I would sit down to start writing and be thinking about something in the game or that I want to get more screenshots, so I start up the game and do not get back to the review.

Part of the allure of the Hitman franchise is that there are many ways to complete a mission, and the player is allowed to do what they wish. The handler provides some assistance by flagging opportunities for you, but you should also examine the challenges for any given mission, to get hints to what is possible. (I think the challenges are hidden until you complete a level once, so beat it first and then see what other creative kills are possible.) For example, in the last tutorial mission, The Final Test allows you to kill your target by electrocution, drowning, airplane ejection, and the more customary means of bullets, knives, and strangulation. The airplane ejection opportunity is presented to you almost immediately, because of how the level is laid out, and it is a fairly amusing 'accident' to cause. You can also complete the mission with only killing the target and without using any disguises to help you past guards and other NPCs. The trick is to look around, listen, and identify the pieces to the puzzle.

The story mission, the Showstopper, presents even more opportunities to kill, with some being more interesting, entertaining, and ironic than others. For example, one opportunity will actually allow you to take part in the fashion show while another lets you kill one target by dropping the other on top of them.

Trying different things rewards you with Mastery Points, which unlock new tools to start with and starting locations for the specific mission. With Paris, you initially are at the front door, but eventually you can start as a staff member, who has easier access to many places and things. No one looks twice at a bartender putting something (meaning poison) in a drink, but some random bald guy in a suit is suspicious.



Beyond the provided missions, you also have Escalations and Contracts you can complete, giving you more of a challenge, and more is coming. The Contracts I have not done much with so far, but are missions that players can create by targeting an NPC in their mission, and killing them somehow. Other players can then try to do the same thing, with the same costume and weapon. The Escalations I have played some more with, and do enjoy them.

At first an Escalation starts with something simple, such as killing a target with any weapon and costume. The challenge then escalates by adding conditions, such as using a specific weapon, costume, or completing something else in the map. Part of the reason I like this feature is how it directs the player to develop their skills and consider options they had not seen previously. Completing the Escalations for The Final Test tutorial mission is actually what let me see how to complete the mission without changing my disguise.



The last feature I can comfortably mention without risking spoilers is that you can save the game at any point, and it is a saved state. If you are not sure about something, like if an action will get you spotted, you can save, try it, and then reload if you want. Unfortunately there is no quick-saving, so you actually have to enter the menu to save, and not just use a keystroke. Curiously, when you go to load a save, the manual and auto-saves are separated, so if the most recent save is a manual save, you will have to move over to that tab to load it. Also I have not identified how one deletes saves within the game, but I have not spent too much time searching for it either. I just know I could not see a button label in the Save or Load menus.

Despite how many times I have stopped writing to play Hitman I have little more to say now. I have been enjoying it and expect I will continue to enjoy it as missions are released in the future. I have not yet decided how I want to cover those missions as they release, but at least this is an enjoyable and entertaining foundation for them.


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