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Hitman Review



This is going to be a rather short section for two reasons. One is that the game itself is short, only having one story mission and three tutorial missions, and the other is that there may be some references I do not get, due to my lack of knowledge concerning the franchise. The cinematics around the tutorial missions do help fill in the mystery surrounding Agent 47, the ICA he works for, and what is coming as more missions release. For example, one of the cinematics shows 47 completing several assassinations, and while I only recognized one of them, I am fairly confident they are all from the previous games.

The voice-over for this same cinematic also appears to set up who the villain is (I am hedging here only because there is still time for a twist). Apparently this villain was once an assassin as well, and very skilled at it as well, but has since questioned the role he and the ICA played. There is another cinematic with him following the story mission, but for risk of spoilers, I will not discuss it (just include one out-of-context screenshot because it looks good).

The tutorial missions all take place 20 years ago, when Agent 47 is first brought to the ICA and undergoes testing to determine his assassination skills. Naturally he proves himself to be exceptionally capable. These missions also set up your handler, who remains a voice in your ear, providing information and tips.



While the first three missions take place in the ICA's training areas, the story mission takes place in Paris at a fashion show. Your targets are the husband and wife team who are putting on the show and an auction to sell highly classified information. These two are also the leaders of the criminal espionage organization IAGO. As you explore the palace the show is taking place in, you will learn a great deal about the targets and the other people there. Some of the information is helpful for completing your mission, while other information seems to just be there, either to add to the world or as a hook for later on. Either way, it does a nice job of filling the world with more than just NPCs you either do or do not want to kill.

That is really all I have to say about the story. So far there is not enough there for me to analyze and be critical of. However, I do recognize there is enough for plenty to come later. Basically I see an okay to good foundation and am looking forward to what comes next.


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