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Hitman Review

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For several years now, we have been witnessing a significant shift in how games are developed and released, from games that would receive only necessary patches, if any, to today where titles can get new features, new content, and more from patches and DLC (free and paid), as well as episodic games. This has led to an interesting crisis as people question the role of DLC and what the release-state of a game should be. Near the center of that debate has been the new Hitman title, because of its atypical release strategy. Instead of being a large game at release, it has just four missions, with three being tutorial missions, and two of those being on the same map. Additional missions will be released throughout the year. Whether or not this strategy will work out, I doubt we will know for at least a few months.

In any case, Hitman is an action, stealth, assassination game where you play as Agent 47, and complete objectives as you see fit. If you want to eliminate a target with a sniper rifle, by drowning them in a toilet, or dropping another target on top of them, you can. There are many solutions to the puzzle and you are free to do what you wish, just do not get caught. To add to the diversity of the gameplay experience, Hitman also has different game modes, including Contracts Mode and Escalation, which both add an interesting twist to the game's challenge. Another game mode, Elusive Target is also coming.

It should not be hard to guess that Hitman has an M rating from the ESRB for intense violence and blood, along with drug reference, strong language, and suggestive themes. Obviously some of the media in this review will contain this content, potentially making it inappropriate for some people.

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