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Hitman First Season Review


Episode 5 – Colorado:

This episode is easily the most stressful of them for me, which is very understandable. Agent 47 has to eliminate four targets in this mission that are all part of an armed militia, so almost everywhere you go are armed NPCs that are very willing to kill you. Luckily there are ways to kill every target that will either keep you out of sight or appear to be an accident.

While the other missions have revealed a fair amount of the story up to this point, this mission in particular adds a lot to it. The reason you have these four targets is not only to stop the militia but because one of them is believed to have been manipulating your employer, the ICA, for its benefit. This is something the organization is not willing to tolerate.

The map is somewhat small compared to others, but with all of the armed NPCs about, it is large enough for me. There is a main house, barn, slurry pit, and several smaller buildings that you will almost certainly visit. These contain various items you may find useful, but also disguises, either just sitting around to pick up, or on people you will need to deal with first. You will definitely need to be aware of the disguises because there are many places that you will be trespassing in if you are not wearing the right one. Most of these places also have NPCs present who are going to react immediately to your presence if spotted.

One thing interesting about this mission is that you will need to enter a bunker at some point, to uncover details about the shadow client who has been manipulating the ICA. To do so will require 3D printing a target's face in order to open the lock. At least I have not found a way to hold the target's head up to the scanner, but it also seems like a bad idea to drag his body through the complex.

Personally I do not like using a gun in Hitman, but on my second attempt of this mission, I decided to pull out the sniper rifle. The reason is because I was confident I would be able to eliminate every target from a specific vantage point, and there is a challenge to do so. Now that I have done that, I can go back to my preferred methods.





Episode 6 – Hokkaido:

Being the final episode in the first season, naturally Hokkaido is crucial to the story that has been going on behind all of the missions thus far. While the shadow client manipulating the ICA has not been exposed yet, this mission still addresses how the ICA has been compromised as you must eliminate a double agent and the lawyer for a very powerful organization that is also being interfered with.

One thing that sets this episode apart from the others is that you start with nothing. Only what can be found in the map is at your disposal, unless you decided to have something stashed away for you. Not much fun in doing that on the first attempt though. This makes it a very challenging mission, but the restrictions are not as active as in other missions, as you can still find ways to freely move about. Plus it is more rewarding, to me at least, to find ways to advance despite these limitations.

The map is rather large and has some diversity, but not as much as some others. It is a futuristic hospital/resort where the people with enough money to not need to ask the cost can have medical procedures performed without oversight. This is what has brought you here as one of your targets is in need of a special heart replacement. Eliminating this target is a little tricky, as direct access to the target is not easily had, but there are other, indirect means to kill him. You can compromise the computer controlling the robots during the surgery, with both gruesome and amusing results. The death itself is quite gruesome, but the HAL 9000 references are entertaining. Another option is to destroy the replacement heart, which Agent 47 does by unceremoniously crushing it in one hand before tossing it into a trash can.



The other target is much easier to get access to, but is so often with a guard that creativity is going to be necessary. So far I have used yoga to kill her and poisoned sushi, but it is also possible to use her cigarette addition against her. Of course getting the required items for these eliminations can still be difficult, due to the limitations on movement of the computer running the location imposes. The only solution, except for finding open windows to climb through, is to acquire disguises the computer will grant access to. The NPCs are not always as easy to fool, but if you have played through other missions, you should know how to handle these situations.

By the way, once you have achieved a high enough mastery level for the map, you will be allowed to enter the map from a special location dressed as a ninja, with a sword, and can choose to have throwing stars in a stash waiting for you. I have not yet figured out how to get to both score ninja-exclusive kills, but I really want to because it is just a fun, video-game kind of thing to do.





Now that I have covered all of the episodes briefly, I think it makes sense to rank them based on how I liked them. The top two are Episode 2 – Sapienza and Episode 6 – Hokkaido. Episode 2 features a wonderful map with plenty of options for one to creatively complete their mission while Episode 6 has a good map but it is more the challenge of starting with nothing that I like. I do not know which I would put first and second, but these are definitely the top two for me.

Third is Episode 3 – Marrakesh thanks to its map complexity and opportunities. It is just not quite on the same level of enjoyment for me as the top two episodes I gave above, but is not far away either.

Obviously this leaves Episodes 4 and 5 as the bottom two, and I think I will put Episode 4 at the bottom. Neither of these are poor or bad missions, but I simply enjoy the others more. The reason I put Episode 5 above Episode 4 is that I just found the challenges it presented more interesting. I remember playing it and trying to avoid being caught while approaching my target. Remembering Episode 4 brings to mind getting lost in the hotel and trying to figure out how to get back to a disguise I need. It was still fun to play and I will very likely play it more after I finish up this review, but the others come first to me.

By the way, for anyone concerned about the 60 GB install size for everything, each episode is considered a separate DLC to Steam. This means you can select which to install and uninstall by accessing the DLC tab in the Properties menu, from your Steam library.

There you have it then, except for what was already covered in the original Hitman review. Now that this first season is done, we have a pretty solid and sizeable game to play that can offer the player a variety of experiences, if you are willing to explore and try new approaches. Personally, I think that if you want to get the game, it is worth getting the entire season and not just select episodes, so you have the full experience, even if you only focus on a few. Plus each episode can award you items that you can then use in the other missions.

I am looking forward to the next season, not only to continue the story but also to see what is added with each new episode. I like how this season progressed, and now armed with the criticisms of these episodes, I expect the second season will be even better and offer new and interesting challenges.

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