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HighPoint RocketStor 5322 Review


HighPoint RocketStor 5322 Closer Look:

If you want to only use the RocketStor 5322 as a dual dock with a single drive, then that's great and is a configurations it can easily handle. Pop in a second drive and still no problems. Where it gets more involved is when you are using the RS 5322 with one of HighPoint's 600 series HBAs, in this case the RocketRAID 642L in a RAID configuration. After the system boots, the HighPoint storage BIOS starts up. By using the Ctrl-H command you gain access to the RAID BIOS where there are six functional areas to use. Create and Delete are used to either create or delete a RAID array. Add and Remove are used if you have additional drives installed onto the RAID card and want to remove it from the array. Settings is used to choose the array as a Boot device. View is used to look at the curent configuration while Initialize is used to prepare drives for use in the RAID array.



















HighPoint has an additional option for drive and RAID array setup if working in the RAID BIOS is not to your liking, with an online application that allows much of the same functionality but with an easy to use GUI. In fact you get even more functionality by using the web-based GUI. After logging in with a default password you can access the software. The global view page shows whether or not you are using one of HighPoint's HBA products and the capacity of the drives installed in the RocketStor 5322. The Physical tab allows the user to look at information on the installed controller and again the devices attached to it.



The Logical tab is where the RAID Array can be set up, and the spare drives on the 642L managed and viewed. The beeper mute function proves to be a valuable addition to the software. The Setting section includes options for rebuilding a RAID array and the ability to setup email notifications for system notifications.




The Event tab keeps track of event notifications providing a way to diagnose any drive or HBA-related errors. SHI or Storage Health Inspector provides the SMART data for the installed drives and allows a drive shutdown temperature to be set to keep mechanical drives from overheating. The Recover list lets the user recover a RAID partition. The Help tab provides a link to HighPoint's online support systems and a link to register your product to take advantage of the one-year warranty.



With drives installed it's time to see if the dual eSATA capabilities of the RocketStor 5322 can deliver groundbreaking performance for an external storage system.

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