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HighPoint RocketStor 5322 Review


HighPoint RocketStor 5322 Conclusion:

When you pair the HighPoint RocketStor 5322 up with the RocketRAID 642L PCIe HBA, it's tough to find an external storage system that will deliver the performance numbers the RocketStor 5322 is capable of. In just about every test the only configuration that would eclipse the numbers by the HighPoint combo is when the storage drives were mounted internally to the native Intel 6Gb/s headers. By delivering a product of this caliber, the end user can significantly reduce the time it takes to run back ups or just move data from an internal drive to one mounted in the RocketStor 5322. In some of the tests the RocketStor 5322 delivered better performance numbers than the internally mounted drive by way of the higher throughput of the dual eSATA connectivity.

Performance wise you cannot go wrong with this dock and add-in card. The few opportunities I saw were that when packed full of 4TB drives, the drives just were hot during operation, so much so that a fan was required to keep them cool. Alternatively you could set the safety temperature in the web GUI as a way of reducing the temperature. Sold state drives did not heat up nearly as much. Configuring a RAID set with either the BIOS on the RocketRAID 642L or an easy to use step-by-step web GUI makes installation a snap.

Pricing is going to come in on the high side when you include the RocketRaid 642L controller. The RocketStor 5322 is going to set you back about $120, with the 642L a little further down the scale but not much at $109. That's about two and a half Benjamins all told. A steep price to pay for sure but what's your data really worth? A warranty of one year is included and is on the short side for the current dynamic in the DIY computer space. Even when you count the warranty out, HighPoint's RocketStor 5322 is a rocking piece of hardware that delivers awesome performance for your dollar.



  • Excellent performance
  • No noise
  • Ease of installation



  • One-year Warranty
  • Mechanical drive get warm


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